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Water Conservation with Smart Controller Technology

Are you interested in water conservation and saving money?  Then smart controller technology may be for you.  Smart controller technology allows you to set up your irrigation system for optimum performance and water savings.  Smart irrigation controllers are capable of doing more than providing various programs and start times or  turning your irrigation sprinkler system on or off.  This new breed of controller will actually take control and decide when it is time to water based on ET (evapotranspiration) or from data taken directly from the water holding capacity of your soil.  

To realize the full conservation and cost saving benefits, water irrigation systems must be designed and installed to industry standards.  Listed below are things that you need to consider when discussing your project  with a qualified contractor or if you are designing and installing the system yourself.

  • Irrigate turf separately from shrubs.
  • Follow manufactures specifications on head spacing.
  • Do not mix rotary heads with spray sprinklers or misting type heads.
  • Do not throw over sidewalks or onto hardscaped areas.  Watering sidewalks and driveways can waste hundreds of gallons per irrigation cycle.
  • Separate the zones into “hydro-zones”.  That is, irrigate the shaded, sunny and wet areas as well as hillsides separately.
  • Use matched precipitation between heads.
  • Utilize drip or micro irrigation whenever possible.
    Remember, an efficient water irrigation system coupled with a smart controller can save you 20-50% on your water usage.

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    Here are just a few of the Water Conservation Products that we carry:

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