2 Costly Effects of Improper Drainage Systems


Drainage systems are a key component of any property. Whether it’s an athletic field, farm land, commercial property or residence, expensive issues can arise if the drainage system fails. Not convinced? Take a look at two costly effects of improper drainage systems.

#1: Flooding

No one wants field or lawn flooding. If your drainage system isn’t installed properly or isn’t functioning as it should, you’ll surely have flooding sooner or later. Flooding on an athletic field or surface means that surface is unusable until the water recedes and can leave damaged turf behind. Flooded agricultural fields lead to damaged crops and lost income now and potentially into the future. Excess water from lack of drainage at a residence can mean a flooded basement, a potentially damaged house foundation, or the loss of grass and other plantings.

#2: Erosion

Water that is not properly collected and channeled can lead to severe surface erosion. Collecting water from downspouts and driveways and holding in on-site in a Flo-Well® reduces the environmental impact on our lakes, rivers, and streams. Protecting these ecosystems from contaminants and the silt produced from excessive runoff leads to a better quality of life for all of us.

Protect your home and the environment by making sure your drainage system is up to par. For drainage and irrigation systems you can rely on, contact W.P. Law, Inc.

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