2 Ideas You Can Steal From Pump Stations

You might not ever have thought about drawing inspiration from pump stations.

Ideas You Can Steal From Pump Stations

You can look to pump stations for some excellent water conservation and sump fertilization techniques.

1: Water Conservation:

All that rain water that falls in the winter and spring can be collected using creative drainage and collection ponds. We see the use of rain barrels, which attach to a gutter to collect rain water off of roofs. The same principle applies to collecting rainwater from surrounding land. With a large enough storage facility, farmers in arid communities would increase their available water supply without having the legal hassle of fighting for more water rights.

2: Sump fertilization system:

In areas where there are dairies and a sump situation where manure can be stored in an open pit, or lagoon, water can be added when needed and that excess water pumped into the irrigation system of supporting the growth of fields for hay, alfalfa, and even corn.

It would be the ultimate form of recycling and likely save the farmer a bundle in the cost of fertilizer. They way this could work would be to set up a pit with a steel grate over the top. Manure is placed on top of the grate and allowed to decompose like compost.

When it is time to fertilize crops, water can be sprayed over the manure and would collect into the pit beneath the steel grate. When the water reached a certain level, it could be pumped out either into a truck, or directly into the irrigation system. It can also be pumped to empty fields prior to planting or to fallow fields as a means of kick starting soil building during the winter.

Just some thoughts to ponder…

Looking for more ways you could use pump stations? Just ask!

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