2 Spooky Things That Can Damage Your Irrigation System


Do you rely on your agricultural irrigation system to keep your farm afloat? Some downright frightening issues can impact that system. Take a look at two spooky things to look out for and avoid.

1: Rodent Damage

Drip irrigation systems have many components that are above ground including drip tubing, emitters, and micro-sprinklers. These items are easy targets for rodents looking for a cool drink. Larger exposed pipes that are left open can also make a nice nesting site during the cold winter months. Unfortunately, many growers don’t realize these problems until it is time to start things up in the Spring.

2: Frozen Lines

It’s vital to take advantage of any automatic drains in your irrigation system in the winter months. Check them regularly to be sure they’re functioning properly and that they remain open and not plugged. Be sure to drain the lines in all of your systems in the fall before any winter freezing to avoid cracks in the equipment and to prevent broken pipes and lines.

Poor preparation for the winter months and crazy weather can cost you big time when it comes to your watering system. For help with prep or repair recommendations should damage occur, trust your agricultural irrigation to the experts at W.P. Law, Inc. With the experience and know-how to get the job done right, they’ll help keep spooky damage far away from your system.

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