2 Strange Pump Noises and What They Mean

Fountain Pump

Strange noises coming from your water pump can be a cause for alarm. Mostly the noises are either in form of humming, buzzing or clicking. In some cases, these noises may be an indicator of trouble on the way, therefore a checkup and repair is highly advised.


If your water pump keeps humming and it’s not moving water, the problem could be with the pump motor, motor start capacitor or low voltage. It could also be because the pump has lost prime due to a leaky foot valve. You can try to turn off the pump and prime it manually. Then close the priming opening and start the pump. If the pump loses prime again, check the suction piping for air leaks and the foot valve.


It’s normal for the relay switch in water pumps to click on and off when water is running. If the click happens once every 1 to 2 minutes, then that’s okay. But if it happens rapidly, and causes the pump to switch on and off, then there is a problem. You should turn it off immediately to prevent the pump from being damaged.

There are many more strange noises that you may hear from your water pump that are hard to explain. The best way to diagnose and repair their sources is by consulting the experts at the W.P. Law Incorporated.

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