2 Tips for Protecting Irrigation Sprinkler Heads at Sports Facilities

protecting irrigation sprinklers

Prevention is paramount – how to keep your irrigation sprinkler heads from getting tackled.

Keeping your landscape irrigation sprinkler heads intact and functioning properly is one of the keys to having a great field for any game. There is nothing good about playing on a field where the grass is having challenges because it isn’t getting watered property. One of the main causes of a failing field can be associated with the unfortunate fact that irrigation sprinkler heads can be destroyed.

One of the key elements to making sure that your field is protected is proper planning. Make sure your irrigation sprinkler heads have a fighting chance on your field.

Install at the proper depth.

Make sure that irrigation sprinkler heads are installed at the proper depth per the manufacturer’s instructions. By installing sprinkler heads at the proper depth you not only protect the sprinklers from being damaged by mowing equipment you also help protect athletes from potential injury.

Adjust when necessary.

Check the installation depth of sprinklers every few years. Top dressing and other soil amendments build up over time causing the sprinkler installation depth to increase over time. Sprinklers that are installed too deep can develop problems over time such as leaking around the riser stem and non-rotation.

The experts at W.P. Law, Inc. are knowledgeable about your irrigation sprinkler heads and a variety of other issues that can arise for your system. Visit our professionals who can assist you with any kind of problems you may have with your own field irrigation.

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