Create Beautiful Waterscapes with Pondless Water Features

Few things offer the peace and serenity that running water provides, and
pondless water features are an affordable and hassle-free way to beautify your
property. Perhaps you have dreamed of having a body of water or pond near your
home but do not want to deal with the expense and high-maintenance involved in
digging a pond in your back yard. You can still achieve the same beauty and
tranquility through pondless water features. These features include waterfalls
and streams complete with rocks and realistic aquatic plants that can turn your
yard into a peaceful sanctuary.

Installing pondless water features allows even the most hands-off homeowners
to create an eye-appealing focal point
for their properties. One possibility is
the disappearing pondless waterfall which gives the appearance of a
disappearing waterfall and stream. The water level never pools above rock level
and the gravel fill, creating a soft waterscape.

Innovative Pondless Water Features
Create Natural-looking Beauty

This feature works by capturing the water in a basin underground lined and
filled with rock and gravel. This basin also houses the discreet pump
equipment, which keeps the waterfall looking natural.

The water circulates from beneath the rocks and gravel by the concealed and
submersed pump and then travels via an underground pipe directly to the
waterfall. Flowing down the stream, the water empties into the waterfall basin.

Pondless Water Features are Safe, Low

The unique timer feature of the pondless waterfall makes it virtually
maintenance-free. A timer controls the pump operation, which saves energy.  An auto-fill valve is used to replace
evaporated water; these features keep the waterfall running smoothly and seamlessly.

For homeowners with small children, pondless water features are much safer
than ponds and other bodies of water.
The waterfalls and streams do not have
significant pools of water, making it unlikely that a child will become
injured. These features reduce the drowning concerns associated with backyard

Additionally, because the water in pondless water features is always
the water does not become stagnant, eliminating the common problem of
mosquitoes that tend to plague standing water.

Choose the Perfect Pondless Water
Features Design

When you have an image in your mind of the perfect waterscape for your lawn,
what does it look like? Working with a qualified waterscape contractor can help
you to choose the design that meets your specifications and tastes. Perhaps you
are working with a small space and only have room for one waterfall, or have
enough yard space for numerous cascading waterfalls and streams. There are
several design options available to help you create the pondless water features
of your dreams.




W.P. Law, Inc. in SC Celebrates Smart Irrigation Month, Carries the Latest in Smart Irrigation Controllers

July is Smart Irrigation Month, and W.P. Law, Inc., in Columbia, SC, is celebrating the month by offering the latest in smart irrigation controllers to help consumers save costs, conserve water and maintain lawns and landscapes more efficiently.

The Irrigation Association initiated Smart Irrigation Month in an effort to increase public awareness of the value of water-use efficiency and promote water-saving products, practices and services. As an Irrigation Association member, W.P. Law provides innovative smart irrigation controllers that are compact, flexible and more cost-effective to build than traditional controllers.

According to W.P. Law, Inc. CFO Flip Law, smart irrigation controllers differ from traditional controllers in that they do not rely on a timed-schedule to run irrigation zones. Instead, the smart controllers utilize weather stations and soil moisture sensors to receive daily information on how much water has been lost, and then change the irrigation program accordingly.

Because smart irrigation controllers have proven to conserve water, they are mandated in many states.

“Smart Irrigation Controllers are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to practice water conservation while also saving time and money,” said Law. “Customers have been able to save 20 to 50% of their irrigation water without the need to constantly adjust the controller.”

To obtain more information about smart irrigation controllers or to obtain a free residential irrigation design redeemable at any W.P. Law, Inc. branch visit our site



Choosing Outdoor Grills or Outdoor Kitchens for Ideal Warm Weather Cooking

Nothing says summer like outdoor grills and kitchens. With the sun shining during the day and the night delivering warmer temperatures, it’s time to maximize outside enjoyment with an old fashioned barbeque or a gourmet dinner pool-side. Outdoor grills and outdoor kitchens make it easy to keep the summer-loving going. The resident chef does not have to stow away in the house kitchen to whip up a delicious meal for family and friends to enjoy. The perfect outdoor grill or kitchen keeps the family together and adds another piece to the outside entertainment.

Finding the right outdoor grill or perfectly designed outdoor kitchen requires connecting with the experts. It may be easy to find a grill at any superstore, but finding the ideal top-of-the-line grill or outdoor kitchen set-up is best left to professionals who can help you to make your outside meal creation dreams come true.

Outdoor Grill and Outdoor Kitchen Selections

With numerous models and configurations from which to choose, the decision-making process for grills and outdoor kitchens can become an overwhelming process. Let the experts help you to design the perfect space for your outdoor cooking masterpieces.

Manufacturers such as Fire Magic, Luxor or Napoleon offer free standing or cart models, as well as built-in models and accessories.  Assistance is available from reputable dealers to help you find the right product to meet your property space requirements and cooking needs.

Other outdoor grill and outdoor kitchen options available include portable/tailgate models, rustic fire pits and patio heaters to help you create an unforgettable outdoor cooking experience.

Variety of Features Available for Outdoor Grills and Outdoor Kitchens


Do you like to take your cooking show on the road? Fire up the grill anytime, anywhere, with portable gourmet grills complete with electronic ignition and durable stainless steel construction. Is a warming rack essential to your craft, or do you like the idea of a stainless steel preparation shelf to put together your meals? Or perhaps you enjoy using a smoker box to create delicious smoked meat. You simply choose the features that are most important to you, and let the experts help you to find the best model.

Large families and people who love to entertain and host parties often look for larger outdoor grills and kitchen sets to accommodate cooking for many people. There are models available with up to 1,370 square inches of cooking space and featuring a twin-head cooking system to ensure every mouth is fed in less cooking time.

Don’t be surprised if the neighbors begin showing up in your backyard unannounced to watch you work your magic on the outdoor grill or kitchen. You will become the talk of the neighborhood, especially when you have had a little practice and can grill that steak to perfection.

W.P. Law, Inc., has locations throughout South Carolina in Lexington, Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Greenville, Greer, Dentsville, and Boiling Springs.



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