Do I Need to Water my Grass in the Winter Months?

Logic tells us that as cooler weather sets in during the winter, grasses require far less water than during the summer months.  The amount of water lost through evaporation and transpiration slows considerably and the growth rate of grasses slows down as well.  In South Carolina warm-season grasses such as St. Augustine, Zoysia, Bermuda, and Centipede go into a dormant stage as temperatures begin to lower.  Although these warm-season grasses turn brown and appear to be dead, they are very much still alive and await warmer temperatures in the spring to begin new growth.

Since these grasses are still alive yet dormant, the question becomes “Do I need to water my lawn during the winter months?”  The answer is a definite “Maybe”.  Irrigation during the winter months in South Carolina will not need to occur often, but there are times when supplemental water will help warm-season grasses such as  St. Augustine, Zoysia, Bermuda, and Centipede survive the winter.  During times of low humidity and windy conditions in the winter months, grasses are prone to drying out.  If warm-season grasses dry out too much, they may be vulnerable to quick drops in temperature that may lead to a condition called winter kill.

Due to constantly changing weather conditions in the Southeast, scheduling irrigation during the winter months is almost impossible.  To help better predict when to irrigate, new irrigation controllers known as “smart controllers” are helping individuals make informed decisions on when to irrigate.  Smart controllers utilize weather stations or soil moisture sensors to determine when and how long to run irrigation cycles.  These newest irrigation controllers take the guess work out of scheduling irrigation cycles.

Soil moisture sensors are extremely accurate in reading how moist or dry your lawn is.  If the soil drys out to the point where it needs to be water, the sensor relays that information back to the irrigation controller to allow it to water the lawn.  Some smart controllers use small weather stations that take recordings of the conditions around them to allow irrigation cycles to run when needed.

These newest irrigation controllers can save time and money by not wasting water and having to continually change run times due to changes in the weather.  Many users have saved 20-50% of their irrigation water bill by using smart irrigation controllers that utilize soil moisture sensors or weather stations.  These types of irrigation controllers keep landscapes healthier by only applying water when it is needed and by applying the proper amount.  The good news is that they can pay for themselves in as little as one season due to their water saving features.

There may be times when your lawn needs irrigation during the winter months.  It won’t be very often, but if it does need water, smart irrigation controllers can make informed decisions on when to irrigate and how much water to apply.  To learn more about the different smart irrigation controllers offered by W.P. Law Inc., check out the links below for specific product information.  Save time, money, and water with smart irrigation controllers.

Acclima SC6 and SC12
Acclima SC6+ and SC12+
Weathermatic SL800
Weathermatic SL1600
Weathermatic SLW10
Weathermatic SLW15
Rainbird ESP-SMT

Tips For Industrial Corrosive Fluids Handling

If your business deals with industrial corrosive fluids handling, it is time to contact specialists in the field of fluids handling. Many plumbers and technicians can effectively put together the fluid handling solution for water and other non-hazardous liquids. However, when it comes to dangerous chemicals, it pays to bring in professionals who are trained to work with industrial piping systems. Quality and safety hang in the balance when you work with industrial corrosive fluids handling, therefore professional expertise and top notch systems and parts are essential.

What A Professional Can Do

A professional in industrial corrosive fluids handling can design the optimal solution to transport fluid in your business. He or she can advise you on the right type of piping systems to use in order to provide the best protection possible. Engineers can determine the adequate size needed to handle your firm’s needs. They can set up and test the piping systems designed to handle corrosive fluids, so that you are confident in the safety and security of the systems in your business.

Your industrial corrosive fluids handling system usually requires special training for the maintenance staff to be able to safely handle any repair needs. Often time a professional is needed to provide expert advice.  An expert can effectively and quickly repair the pumps, piping, valves and gaskets that make up your system to ensure that you experience minimal downtime. If replacement of your line or a portion of it is necessary, a professional is often able to run a parallel system while making the transition, so you are not losing valuable production time.

The Right Parts To Do The Job Right

For industrial corrosive fluids handling, specialized piping is necessary. Dual contained piping systems are critical to the safe handling of many such fluids. With the dual contained piping system, there is essentially a pipe within a pipe. The space between is monitored in order to detect leakage as soon as it occurs and long before they become a hazard to people or the environment. It increases safety and protection and gives peace of mind to those dealing with such substances.

Process piping systems that are designed to handle the fluids you deal with are also an integral part of safely handling those substances. Made from a variety of materials, they have in-line components that control and monitor temperature, flowrate and pressure of the fluids flowing through them.

What Happens When Industrial Corrosive Fluids Handling Is Not Taken Care Of

When industrial corrosive fluids handling is not taken care of professionally and effectively, it is a disaster waiting to happen. The wrong piping systems, or ineffective monitoring, can mean that leaks occur putting the site, the environment and, most importantly, people at risk. Serious injury and even death may occur when individuals are exposed to corrosive fluids.

One industrial accident involving corrosive fluids can easily be the downfall of a company. If negligence is found to be the cause of such an accident; lawsuits, fines and repairs can easily wipe out the most solvent of companies. Prevent industrial corrosive fluids disasters by taking the right preventative steps now.



Advice From Terry Brady On Fluid Handling and Outdoor Living

Terry Brady, Executive Vice President of W.P. Law, Inc. is a go-to guy for anyone looking for information on fluid handling. He finished his Agricultural Engineering degree one year after joining the company where he still works today, and worked his way to the top. As he left Clemson University, little did he know that he would go on to become one of the fluid handling industry’s foremost experts.

Irrigation Systems

Terry will be the first to tell you that irrigation is multi-faceted and requires expert knowledge. Whether your irrigation system is one for your home, commercial property or a sports facility, consulting an irrigation specialist will help you design the ideal system, troubleshoot your existing one, help you find the right contractor to do the work or give you the necessary guidelines for installation.

No matter what your fountain project, whether it is a pondless water feature, a residential water garden or a commercial or municipal fountain, the right pumps, pipes and up-to-date technology will help you achieve the desired results. Having a proper design and using quality components makes all the difference when it comes to fountains. Because most fountains run 18 to 20 hours per day their components must tolerate a lot of wear and tear. Choosing high quality supplies will mean years of trouble-free enjoyment of your fountain.

Outdoor Living
Creating a unique outdoor living space can increase the value of your home and add a special element to the outdoor space you enjoy. Being outside is fun and relaxing and something most people enjoy fully. Take the time to create a special outdoor living space that suits your lifestyle and tastes.

If you are looking to create a relaxing oasis in which to unwind and relax, surrounded by the sound of gently running water, you can create it quickly with the addition of a water feature and some landscape lighting.

If your favorite thing to do outside is entertain, an outdoor kitchen is just the thing. You will also need to decide if your cooking element is going to be something high tech like a gourmet grill, built-in outdoor cooking spaces or if you are going to opt instead for fire pits for charcoal cooking and campfires.

Depending on the climate in your area and the seasons you plan to use your outdoor living space, you will also need to look into patio heaters to keep your space comfortable for family and friends. Additional landscape lighting for ambiance, safety and utility are also recommended.

His many years in the business of providing fluid handling and outdoor living solutions has made Terry L. Brady a resource that many people turn to. For anyone looking to do irrigation work, fountains, outdoor living and industrial or municipal fluid handling, Terry and his team can answer questions and make recommendations from their extensive experience.


Finding The Right Pipe and Pump Supplies

Choosing the right pipe and pump supplies is critical to the success of any fluid handling job you undertake. The right equipment for industrial needs is not the same as an irrigation system for a backyard. Commercial fountains have different requirements than residential pondless water features. Sports facilities require completely different irrigation systems than farms. Industrial pump and pipe needs vary tremendously from company to company. Knowing what you need it complex.

Using Experts To Make The Right Choice

Because of the endless things to consider when dealing with pipes and pump supplies, it makes sense to consult an expert. In fact most companies which specialize in fluid handling will have trained sales consultants who can help you find the exact supplies you need to get the job done. Make sure that the specialist you are dealing with knows truly knows your pump and pipe supply sector.

As with many industries, technology is constantly changing when it comes to fluid handling. Few of us have the time or interest to keep on top of such changes. However, specialists in the field make it their business to do so. Therefore they can provide you with the latest in innovations to solve your fluid handling challenges. You don’t want to choose a technology that will be obsolete in just a few years. Experts can help you avoid that.

Choosing The Right Provider of Pipe and Pump Supplies

Finding the right supplier of the parts you need for your fluid handling projects is also an important aspect of finding the right pipe and pump supplies. A good company specializing in fluid handling will be able to answer your questions and offer you solutions and advice. If the company you are dealing with cannot do this, you need to find a new company.

If you have industrial pipe and pump supply needs, you may need process piping to prevent contamination or a dual contained piping system to protect from hazardous fluids. You may need a specific type of control system, filtration products or other specialty product. Not every pipe and pump supply company will be able to meet your needs or provide the expertise you are looking for.

While some fluid handling companies handle a diverse range of needs, including irrigation, fountain, industrial, municipal and outdoor living needs, other companies do not. Be sure that the provider you are looking for is specialized in the services and products you need help with and is in tune with the climatic needs of your area.

Finding the right pipe and pump supplies to meet your needs is a matter of finding the right provider
who happens to have the experts you need to confer with on staff. Take the time to explore the different pipe and pump suppliers who specialize in the field you are working in before you make your purchase and get the best, most reliable results possible.

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