Residential Fountains Add Value To Your Property

Residential Fountains bring more than beauty to your property.

Adding a water fountain to your existing landscape not only adds beauty, but it will add value to your property. Creating a beautiful and welcoming landscape not only welcomes guests but increases the potential for resale in the event you are selling your home.

Residential fountains can be placed in the backyard to create a relaxing area to unwind or a place to entertain family and friends. They can also be placed in the front to add curb appeal to your property. Adding attractive plants and lighting can create a beautiful and welcoming affect.

If you are thinking about appearance and curb appeal the front yard is a perfect place to create a welcoming focal point. It is the first thing guests and potential home buyers see when they arrive at your home. If you live in an area where noise is an issue, the sound of water falling can take attention away from the noise.

When it comes to adding value to your property, consider adding a residential fountain to your property.

For more information about installing a water fountain in your landscape visit the experts at W. P. Law, Inc.



Residential Fountains Enhance Your Outdoor Decorating

Residential fountains add beauty and luster to your existing landscape.

Is there an area in your yard that seems to be missing something? If your yard is lacking a focal point, consider installing a residential fountain to add beauty and ambiance.

Imagine coming home from a long day at the office, the traffic was bumper to bumper and you just want to unwind. The neighborhood dogs are barking as you pull in the driveway. You need an escape!

Now, imagine walking into your backyard and hearing the sound of flowing water and picture a beautiful fountain with cascading water flowing down over rocks. Somehow magically the tension and stress of your work day and commute starts to melt away.

Water flowing is soothing, relaxing and has a calming effect on your mind and body. Creating a peaceful area in your backyard will no doubt help you relax while offering a beautiful addition to your dull and boring landscape.

Now, stop imagining the beauty and soothing sound and contact the experts at W. P. Law, Inc. and turn your dream of a backyard oasis into a reality.

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DIY Fountains – Should you hire a professional?

DIY fountains can bring beauty to your landscaping, hire a professional for a job well done.

Building a water feature in your backyard yourself can be done, but to make things easier and to be assured the job is done right, hire a professional. There are so many things to consider before taking on such a huge project.

•  Size & location: Before you begin you need to determine the size fountain you want and pick the perfect location. A water feature is a natural focal point in any landscape and adjoining areas can be well suited for entertaining.

•  Power source: Most areas have strict codes when it comes to wiring the pumps and lighting associated with water features.  Using a qualified licensed electrician will ensure that everything is up to code and safe for you and your family to enjoy.

•  Plumbing: In addition to the plumbing required for the water feature itself, a “make-up” water line must be run to the water feature.  This “make-up” water line is connected to your home’s existing plumbing and replaces the water in the water feature that is lost due to evaporation and splashing.

•  Labor: Depending on the size and type of fountain you are installing, you should consider the amount of labor that will be involved.  Site preparation and rock placement comprise most of the labor in building a water feature.  This can be back breaking work, especially if you do not have the equipment that most contractors have.  If you are planning a large water feature, you may want to contact a pro.

•  Permits: Before beginning the project you will need to check with your city to see if any permits are required.

Whether you choose to do it yourself or hire an expert, adding a fountain to your landscape is a great way to increase the value of your property and create a beautiful focal point.

To view samples of fountain styles visit W. P. Law, Inc. .

Commercial Fountains for Your Business Park

commercial fountains

Commercial fountains – If you build it they will come.

Adding commercial fountains to your business park creates an inviting atmosphere that will draw people to you. Water fountains suggest success. When your customers enter your facility and they see your fountain, their first impression will be a good one. A water fountain is inviting and creates a comfort that your customers will find soothing.

An indoor water feature in your waiting room offers a welcoming environment and will help relax your customers while they wait for their appointment. You can create a peaceful setting that they can enjoy.

In addition to pleasing your customers the soothing sound of water flowing offers your employees a place to escape the tensions of their day and unwind.

If your Business Park or facility doesn’t have a fountain, consider adding one to increase the value of the property and ultimately draw more customers to help increase your bottom line.

There are countless varieties available for you to choose from or you can have one custom designed to fit your specific needs and budget.

Contact the experts at W. P. Law, Inc. now to create the perfect commercial fountain that will enhance and add beauty to your business park. Visit W.P. Law Inc.

Residential Fountains Turn Any Yard Into an Oasis

Residential fountains provide beauty and comfort to any backyard.

Everyone dreams of creating a backyard oasis to spend lazy days and evenings. Nothing is more refreshing than coming home from a stressful day of work and unwinding in your backyard. Whether you live in a big city or in the country, adding a water feature to your yard brings much more than an eye-catching focal point.

•  Create a perfect gathering place for family & friends: People are naturally drawn to a water feature. The beauty and soothing sound of flowing water is the perfect environment to gather with friends and family.

•  Create a peaceful, serene environment to relax and unwind: After a long hard day at the office, nothing is more relaxing than unwinding in your backyard oasis listening to the sound of trickling water. Let the tension melt away as you sit by your water feature.

•  Add value to your property: Building a water feature brings added value to your property.

•  Create a focal point for your landscaping: Adding a water feature creates a focal point for your landscaping. As you enter your yard, your eye will focus on the beautiful fountain.

•  Drown out the noise from street traffic: The sound of trickling water can drown out noise from passing traffic, neighbors and other outside noises.

Visit W.P. Law, find the fountain of your dreams and to create your own backyard oasis.

DIY Fountains – Getting started

DIY fountains are a great way to design your own backyard oasis.

DIY fountains have become more and more popular with homeowners over the years. It used to be that bird baths were the most common focal point of landscaping. Now homeowners want water fountains that range from a pot with trickling water all the way up to exotic water falls cascading down a mountain of rocks.

Whatever you desire, there are fountains to satisfy everyone’s taste and budget. If you’ve made the decision to build your own backyard fountain, your first step is to do some research.

Before you pick the location of your fountain, consider exactly what you want to create. Is it just going to be for show, or do you want to create a gathering place around the fountain? Will you use the area for entertaining? If so, you will need a large enough space to accommodate the fountain and accompanying furniture.

Once your location is decided, you now need to decide on the architectural style for the area. You will need to decide what type of material you would like your fountain to be. There are stone, bronze, copper, steel and fiberglass just to name a few.

Now you are ready to meet with the experts and get started.

Visit W.P. Law  for more information about building a residential fountain.





Commercial Fountains: Add style to your business landscaping

Commercial fountains on your business site will draw the customers in while branding your business a success.

As a business owner you pay thousands of dollars each year in marketing to build a powerful brand to set you apart from your competition.  A lot of emphasis is put on creating the impression that you are a leader in your particular industry. From creating an eye catching logo, to your customer service, what consumers think of when they see your name is all part of your branding.

Have you ever thought about using your office site as a branding tool?  Creating a warm and welcoming business property can also help you stand out in the crowd. Commercial fountains can help create an enjoyable atmosphere for your customers. The running water offers a soothing and relaxing environment that tends to draw people in. Customers and clients will enjoy visiting your location.

A beautiful fountain will also give off the appearance of success. For some business owners your office can be the first exposure a client has to you. You want to make sure you make a first good impression. A water fountain will help create a positive impression.

For more information about installing a water fountain on your business property contact the experts at W. P. Law, Inc.

Water Pump Stations – FAQ’s

Water pump stations play a vital role in bringing clean water to your home and community.

Water pump stations are used to transfer water through a series of pipes into your home and community. They play an important role in delivering clean, fresh water to your tap and providing for your irrigation needs.

Here are four frequently asked questions:

• What is a water pump station?
Water Pump stations are used to transfer water from one place to another. While transporting water isn’t something most people think about, water pump stations, provide many of our creature comforts.

• What is the role of pump stations in farming?
Farms use water pump stations to transfer water for crop irrigation and providing water for livestock. Water is typically pumped from rivers and ponds through a series of pipes and canals.

• How are water pump stations run on powered?
Most water pump stations are powered by electricity.  Although many municipalities and farmers have back-up water pumping stations that are powered by diesel engines in case of a power outage.

• Are pump stations used to remove water?
Yes, in low lying areas pump stations are used to remove flood water.

To learn more about water pump stations and the importance they play in your community contact W.P. Law




Residential Fountains Make A Great Addition To Your Landscaping

Residential fountains add the finishing touch to your landscaping.

If you feel that there is something missing from your landscaping, consider installing a water fountain. Residential fountains create ambiance in your landscaping while adding value to your home.

Adding a fountain to your landscaping creates a focal point that helps to create a soothing and relaxing environment in your yard. Imagine spending a lazy afternoon listening to the trickling water from your fountain. Moving water creates a peaceful serenity that can take you deep into relaxation mode!

There are thousands of different styles of water fountains you can choose from, or you can work with a design team to create your own custom fountain. Adding the perfect water fountain to your landscaping will create the beautiful backyard oasis you have always dreamed of enjoying.

Fountains can run anywhere from a few hundred up to thousands of dollars. It depends on the size and style of fountain. Before purchasing your fountain, consider your budget, the size of the area where you are installing the fountain and choose a design that will enhance your existing landscaping.  Once your fountain is installed, enjoy the peace and beauty and take time to relax.

To learn more about how residential fountains can add value and beauty to your landscaping visit W. P. Law, Inc.

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