Residential Fountains – How do you build a pondless water system?

residential fountains

Residential fountains make the perfect addition to your landscape.

Residential fountains are the perfect solution to add style to you home, as well as help drown out traffic and other outdoor noise. Pondless water systems are becoming popular among home and business owners. Pondless water systems are low-maintenance and can be customized to your particular taste and space availability.

You can purchase pondless water feature kits or build your own. Most kits come complete with the components necessary for building your feature. Rock and stones can be purchased from any landscape supply company or home improvement store.

• Select the location: Choose the location of the water feature and create your design.

• Prepare the area: Site preparation is very important. Select a site where you have easy access to electricity and a water source. You will need to install a sump. The sump will collect the water and provide an underground reservoir. The pump will also be located in the sump.

• Install the pump:
Install the pump into the sump following the manufacturer’s directions. Connect the pump to the hose and fill the sump with water. Plug the pump in and test the water flow. Place the cover on the sump.

• Add rocks: Place the rocks and decorate the area to your taste.

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Agriculture Irrigation Systems: 2 Popular Choices Go Head-to-Head

agriculture irrigation

Choosing the right agriculture irrigation system for your crops.

With the country experiencing some of the worst drought conditions in history, irrigating your crops is vital to ensuring a healthy and successful crop. Choosing the right irrigation system that fits your needs and budget can seem confusing and frustrating.

Here are two irrigation systems farmers are finding success with.

1. Drip Irrigation: Drip irrigation systems are perfect for high value vegetable and orchard crops. They make efficient use of water and can also be used with fertilizer injection systems to apply fertilizer along with water directly to the root zone. Since drip irrigation systems are typically below ground, farmers can still perform other task on the farm such as spraying and cultivating while the irrigation system is running.

2. Traveling Gun Irrigation: Traveling gun irrigation systems are versatile and can be used on a variety of crops. They are a great alternative for oddly shaped fields and for farmers with multiple fields to irrigate. They easily moved from field to field and there are different sizes available to fit your needs. There are fuel powered and water powered models available.

Let the experts at W.P. Law, Inc. design the right irrigation system for your crops to fit your particular needs and budget.

Irrigation Backflow Preventer – Stop dirty backflow from contaminating your drinking water

irrigation backflow

Install an irrigation backflow preventer to help keep your potable water clean andclear of contaminants.

If you have a sprinkler system that is connected to your potable water, you need to have an irrigation backflow preventer. The backflow preventer stops contaminants such as fertilizers, manures, and pesticides from backing up into your drinking water. Without one, you risk exposing yourself and your family to serious health risks.

If your sprinkler system was improperly installed or you experience a sudden drop in water pressure, water containing pesticides, fertilizer, or pet waste can be pulled into your potable water and contaminate it. An irrigation backflow preventer will protect your water in the event this occurs.

There are many types of backflow preventers and codes vary by locations so you should consult an irrigation specialist to determine which type is right for you. Many states require backflow preventers be installed with sprinkler systems. Check with your city for your local requirements.

It is necessary to drain your backflow preventer before the freezing temperatures arrive to prevent damage to your system. To protect your system, you should take the necessary steps to winterize your entire irrigation system.

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Drip Irrigation Kit – Install your own irrigation system

irrigation kit

Install your own drip irrigation system using a drip irrigation kit.

Drip irrigation is considered by many to be the best irrigation for home gardens and landscaping as well as for agricultural irrigation. Drip irrigation delivers the water directly to the root system without losing water to evaporation and overspray.

Depending on your skillset and budget, you can hire a professional to install the system for you, or you can purchase a drip irrigation kit and install it yourself.

• Create your design: Start by assessing your landscape’s needs and create your design. Draw out your landscape on paper and measure for the amount of tubing you will need.

• Purchase materials: Contact an irrigation specialty store for the materials necessary to build your particular system, or purchase a drip irrigation kit. Tubing is available that is pre-punched with the emitters already installed, or you can purchase tubing and install the emitters yourself. There are additional spray stakes and misters that can be purchased to customize your system.

• Build your system: Attach the hose to your water source and lay the house out where irrigation is needed. Place one emitter at each plant. Once the hose is laid out, you can cover it with mulch to blend it in with your garden.

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Underground Irrigation Systems for Your Sports Facility

3 Reasons you should install an underground irrigation system

Underground irrigation systems are the ideal solution for irrigating your sports facility. The irrigation system at your facility needs to provide your turf with the water necessary for it to flourish.

1. Provide ultimate growing conditions for your turf:
To maintain healthy turf, it’s vital to carry out routine irrigation. Turf needs water to survive and thrive, with the increase of droughts, relying on nature to supply your turf with the right amount of water isn’t the best choice. Installing underground irrigation for your facility will provide the necessary irrigation to keep your turf green and healthy.

2. Keep irrigation equipment out of the way: Underground irrigation keeps the equipment underground where it is safe from getting in the way of sports and other activities. This not only protects the equipment from damage, but protects the athletes and visitors from injury.

3. Appearance: Irrigation equipment sprawled over a sports facility is unsightly and unattractive. Underground equipment keeps the field clear, which results in an attractive and well-kept look.

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What’s The Best Greenhouse Irrigation System?

Tips on how to choose the right greenhouse irrigation system for your needs.

Choosing the right greenhouse irrigation is important to ensure the health and growth of your greenhouse plants. Greenhouses come in a variety of sizes and styles and provide an optimal growing environment for your vegetables, plants, and flowers. Irrigating a greenhouse is different from irrigating a backyard garden or landscape.

Depending on your specific needs, the following two systems are great options for greenhouse irrigation:

• Drip irrigation system: A drip irrigation system consists of a series of overhead hoses attached to smaller distribution tubes. At the end of each tube is an emission device (emitter or spray stake). Theses emission devices are placed into each pot or container. Water drip or sprays directly into each container. This system works well for larger containers and hanging baskets.

• Misting watering system: A misting system is an effective watering system for greenhouses especially if you use your greenhouse for plant propagation. This system is similar to a drip system with the exception that small micro-sprinklers are used. These micro-sprinklers deliver a very fine mist. This type of system is ideal for plant propagation and seed germination since the very small droplets do not disturb the soil in containers and flats.

W.P. Law, Inc. specializes in all types of irrigation systems and can help you choose the right watering system for your greenhouse irrigation.

Landscape Products – 3 Ideas for Making Your Own Backyard Oasis

landscape fountain

Landscape products enhance the beauty of your landscaping.

Creating a backyard oasis is easy to do with the right landscape products. With a variety of products available and a little bit of hard work, you can create an oasis that will provide you and your family with a lifetime of enjoyment.

• Irrigation: No backyard oasis is complete without a lush, green lawn and landscaping. To achieve a healthy and hearty lawn, proper irrigation is a necessity. Installing an automatic sprinkler system is the first step in providing your lawn and plants with the required irrigation. Irrigation can be a do-it-yourself job, or you can hire a professional irrigation company to design and install the system for you.

• Water feature: Water features are the perfect addition to a backyard oasis. There are many varieties of water features available, and finding the right one for your landscaping will bring comfort and value to your home.

• Landscape lighting: Landscape lighting is a great, final touch to your backyard oasis. It can be used to highlight focal points in your landscape, or to light walkways and gathering areas.

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DIY Fountains – What you need to know

DIY fountain

DIY fountains – 5 things you should consider before getting started

Installing an outside water feature is a great do-it-yourself project. There are some skills required, but with a little research and help from a few good friends, in no time you will be enjoying the soothing sound of trickling water.

Here are a few things you should know before you begin.

• There are a wide variety of kits available for do-it-yourselfers that include DVD instructions to guide you through the installation.

• If you are installing a large fountain, you should check your local building codes to see if a permit is required. You will also want to have any underground utilities located.

• Purchase your materials from a supplier who specializes in all kinds of water features. These suppliers have professional staff on hand to answer your questions and provide advice.

• Hire professionals to install the electric and plumbing and secure the proper permits for the work.

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Commercial Fountains for Parks and Playgrounds

Commercial fountains

Commercial fountains add beauty and peace to parks and playgrounds.

Commercial fountains at parks and playgrounds add beauty, focal points, and a place to gather. If there’s a water fountain, there will be people gathered around enjoying the peace and tranquility the sound of running water provides.

There is a wide variety of fountains and water features available today that will bring value and enjoyment to your facility. Adding an interactive water feature that children can play in is a wonderful way to bring families to your park on hot summer days.

A water feature offers a great place for friends and families to enjoy a picnic or simply sit and relax listening to the soothing sounds of trickling water. A water feature at a playground provides parents with a location to sit and enjoy watching their children play.

The beauty and allure of a water feature will provide years of enjoyment for your surrounding community.

The experts at W.P. Law, Inc. will work with you to create the perfect water feature for your park or playground. They have over 15 years of experience designing fountains, maintaining them, constructing them and repairing them.

For more information about commercial fountains visit the professionals at W.P. Law, Inc.

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