Options to Consider When Installing an Outdoor Kitchen or Grill

outdoor grill

Great ideas to include in your outdoor kitchen or grill.

Outdoor grills and kitchens are quickly becoming the hottest addition to many homes. Homeowners are taking advantage of their outdoor space to enhance outdoor living. Outdoor kitchens provide families with the opportunity to move their entertaining outside.

The centerpiece of an outdoor kitchen is the grill. Cooking is the key reason homeowners build outdoor kitchens, so start your design with the grill. There are a variety of grills available today. You can purchase the type that appeals to you or have one customized for your particular needs.

An outdoor fireplace or fire pit can also be used for cooking outdoors, as well as to provide warmth and entertainment on cool evenings.

Cabinets can also be added to your outdoor cooking area for storage, and no kitchen is complete without a sink. It’s also nice to add a small refrigerator so you don’t have to run back and forth from inside. Consider using stainless steel on cabinets and appliances for easy cleaning and a modern design. Countertops made of stone, stainless steel or brick can double as eating space.

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Two Common Irrigation Pipe Problems

common irrigation pipe problems

Repair of broken or damaged irrigation pipes.

Damaged or leaking irrigation pipes not only waste water but can cause problems with how your irrigation system performs. The first sign of a leaking pipe is usually a wet area in your yard that never seems to dry out. Digging in this area is usually the first place to start when looking for the source of the leak. Depending on the soil type and the typography the source of the leak may be several feet from the identifying wet spot. Once you have identified the source of the leak, you can now evaluate your repair options.

Here are two common irrigation pipe repair methods.

1. Cracked or split pipes: Leaks resulting from cracked or split pipes can usually be repaired using epoxy coated fiberglass wraps. These repair kits contain an epoxy resin and a fiberglass mesh that is wrapped around the pipe. When the epoxy cures the leak is fixed. This type of repair is used primarily when the leak is small and removing the damaged section of pipe would be difficult (i.e. around a valve manifold). When using epoxy fiberglass repair kits always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and wear hand and eye protection.

2. Broken or severely damaged pipes: If a pipe is completely severed or has a portion missing then the damaged piece of piping needs to be replaced. Telescoping couplings make this repair much easier. After removing the damaged section of piping, the telescoping coupling is compressed to fit into the space left by the removed section of piping. The telescoping coupling is expanded and glued into place. Telescoping couplings are also known by trade names such as Flo-Span®, Pro-Span®, and Slip-Fix®, to name a few.

Damaged pipes can easily be repaired using materials purchased at an irrigation supply company.

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Troubleshooting Your Sprinkler System

sprinkler system

Sprinkler system weak spray could indicate broken pipes.

Automatic sprinkler systems are vital to properly maintaining your lawn and landscaping. Knowing how to troubleshoot your system yourself will help save money on repairs. Most sprinkler system repairs can be done yourself but some issues may require a professional.

Here are some of the common problems you may encounter with your sprinkler system.

• Weak spray: The most common cause of weak spray is low pressure. If a system has been operating without any problems for some time and suddenly has a weak spray problem, then a leaking pipe is usually the culprit. Another likely cause is rocks or other debris that has become lodged in the solenoid valve. This is especially likely if you have recently performed a pipe repair.

• Irregular spray patterns: If you notice irregular spray patterns, check for debris partially blocking the sprinkler nozzle. Many sprinkler heads also have a screen at the inlet or just below the nozzle to trap debris. Removing the nozzle and flushing the system will usually solve this problem.

• System not turning on: Check to be sure the main valve is turned on. If you know you have water then the problem is most likely a controller, wire, or valve issue. Most of the time you can troubleshoot this with a basic volt-Ohm meter. First check the programming on the controller to ensure it is right and make sure that it is sending a 24-27 volt signal to the valve. If everything is working at the controller, you next want to check to see if you are receiving a 24-27 volt signal at the valve. If you are receiving power at the valve then the most likely culprit is a bad solenoid. If you are not receiving power at the valve then you most likely have a damaged or broken wire. At this point you may be better off calling in a professional irrigation contractor to troubleshoot and repair the system. Most contractors have equipment for locating damaged or broken wiring.

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Water Features – Is a Fish Pond Right for You?

water features

A fish pond or other water features offer wonderful refuge for area wildlife.

Adding a fish pond to your landscaping is a fun and creative way to express your unique style. A fish pond can add natural beauty to your landscaping and will attract a variety of wildlife to your yard.

Birds of all types, butterflies, insects, frogs and other small animals will flock to your water feature. If you don’t have an interest in attracting these types of animals, you may want to reconsider installing a fish pond.

Some of the wildlife that may be attracted to your pond can even be dangerous and bothersome to you. Mosquitos, bees, water snakes, spiders and squirrels, may become unwelcome in your yard. While squirrels may seem harmless enough, they tend to bother vegetable gardens.

Safety precautions should be taken if you have small children or small pets. Standing water can be tempting to small children and accidental drowning can occur.

There are many pros and cons to adding a fish pond to your garden that should be considered before installation. Know what they are and take the time to research the maintenance necessary to properly maintain your fish pond before you build.

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Automatic Watering System FAQ’s

automatic watering system

An automatic watering system conserves water and saves you money.

What time should I water my lawn? Your lawn should be watered in the early morning hours before the sun comes up and the wind is at its calmest. Set your automatic watering system to water the same time each morning.

Does a sprinkler system conserve water? Yes, by setting your sprinkler systems to turn on and off automatically, you are conserving energy and resources. There is no need to remember to turn the sprinklers off they will go off automatically, so you are not wasting water by over watering.

Should I install rain sensors? Rain sensors are a wonderful idea and will conserve water when Mother Nature decides to provide the irrigation.

Should I break my landscaping into zones? Zoning is a great way to provide the right amount of water for each area of your landscaping. For example, shady areas don’t require as much irrigation as sunny areas do. Flower beds may not require as much water as your lawn. Zoning allows you to separate these areas and give them the perfect amount of water needed.

For the answers to all of your questions about an automatic watering system, contact the professionals at W. P. Law, Inc.

Which Lawn Water System Is Right for You

lawn water system

Designing the right lawn water system leads to a thriving landscaping.

Designing a lawn water system that is right for your irrigation needs is the first step to ensuring your lawn and garden thrive, even during the toughest drought conditions recorded. There are plenty of different types of watering systems to create a custom system that will keep your lawn, gardens and flower beds thriving.

• Flower beds, potted plants, hanging baskets, and landscape borders: Drip irrigation is ideal to use in beds, borders, and potted and hanging plants. Drip irrigation slowly drips water directly to the roots of your plants helping to create a healthy root system.

• Lawns: Pop-up sprinklers are great for lawn and garden irrigation. Pop-up sprinklers have become a popular choice of homeowners and business owners for lawn irrigation. They are convenient and disappear when not in use.

• Vegetable gardens: Drip irrigation and garden micro-drip systems are a popular choice for vegetable gardens and for use in indoor greenhouses.

By installing an automatic lawn water system, you will save money and time, and provide your landscaping with the right amount of water to flourish and grow healthy.

To find out which lawn water system is right for you contact the irrigation specialists at W. P. Law, Inc.

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Landscape Products to Get the Most Value Out of Your Landscaping

landscape products

Advancements in landscape products improve your outdoor living space.

Outdoor living provides many great times and countless memories for families and friends. More people are taking advantage of their outdoor spaces to expand home living space. Advancements in the design of landscape products have enabled homeowners to create fabulous and functional living space outside.

Here are three ways to get the most out of your landscaping.

• Outdoor lighting: Outdoor lighting is one of those additions that can greatly enhance your outdoor living, allowing you to squeeze in more time outside. Luminate your outdoor living space using a variety of landscape lighting systems.

• Water features: Adding a water fountain or koi pond brings great value to your landscaping. The sound of running water soothes and relaxes you and your guests. A water feature will provide the perfect location to entertain, or simply unwind from a long day at the office.

• Outdoor patio: Outdoor patios are continuing to gain in popularity. More and more families are utilizing their outdoor living space as an extension of their homes. An outdoor patio can include added features like, an outdoor fireplace, to gather with friends on brisk nights, or an outdoor kitchen to entertain with friends and family.

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Residential Water Features – Safety Tips To Keep Your Family Safe

residential water features

5 safety precautions for residential water features.

If you are thinking about installing residential water features in your yard, and you have small children or small animals, you will need to consider safety. Children, animals, and even adults can fall into that water, and get hurt and possibly drown.

Here are several suggestions for safety precautions you should follow.

• Pondless water features: Consider water features that don’t have standing water at the base to prevent accidental drowning of pets and small children.

• Fencing around ponds: Ponds pose drowning threats and should be fenced off if there are small pets or children around. Another important thing to consider is that standing water attracts insects like mosquitoes that not only cause discomfort when they bite but also carry disease.

• Electrical: Make sure all electrical installation is done by a professional electrician and has passed inspection.

• Pond grids: Pond safety grids are ideal to protect children and pets from accidental drowning. Essentially, they are metal grids that lay over the top of the pond to prevent children and pets from falling into the ponds.

• Supervision: Nothing beats adult supervision to prevent accidents. If you have water on your property, you should learn CPR in case someone has an accident involving water.

For more information about residential water features, contact the experts at W. P. Law, Inc.

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