5 Most Popular Materials Used in Residential Fountains

What are the 5 most popular materials used in residential fountains?

most popular materials used in residential fountains 

In addition to the pump, pipes, and fittings needed to move the water, a residential fountain or water feature is going to be made of something that is beautiful to the homeowner. This means there’s a choice of waterproof materials used to create your own version of paradise.

Here are five of the most popular materials used in residential fountains:
• Stone – from a natural jumbled pile to formal elegance
• Cast stone/resin – this can look like almost anything!
• Copper in different finishes – if you want it to stay shiny, have it sealed. Otherwise it will develop the patina that many prefer.
• Ceramic – again, this can be tile or pottery or almost anything.
• Glass or acrylic – often a sheet that the water flows over, this becomes invisible unless an etching is part of the design.

There’s a lot to choose from! How do you decide? Talk to an expert… because a fountain will be a feature of your outdoor living space for a long time.

Bill & Dorothy Law started an irrigation and pumping equipment business in 1970 that has become one of the top distributors in South Carolina. Since fountains are essentially a pump and pipes moving water continually, residential fountains are a subject W.P. Law, Inc. knows well.

W.P. Law, Inc.
can show you the pros and cons of each type of material, give you design advice, and provide all the pieces if you want to do it yourself. If you’d rather they put it together, they can do it.

Choosing the Right Gift for Father’s Day: What About a Residential Fountain?

Residential fountains are an ideal gift idea for the Dad who already has everything.

 right gift for fathers day

Father’s Day is right around the corner and everyone is scrambling trying to find just the right gift – and a residential fountain may be just what he’d love to get. When placed in the perfect spot, they not only beautify the home, but provide a relaxing atmosphere that helps to relieve stress and frustration.

Choosing a gift he’ll really like is sometimes the hardest decision to make. Residential fountains offer definite advantages over other Father’s Day gifts.
• They require little maintenance
• They can be customized to the surrounding area
• They beautify the property
• They increase property value

Most fathers think of their home as their castle. They look forward to relaxing and enjoying their time at home. They also like to receive gifts that serve a purpose. Residential fountains do just that. They offer many benefits to the homeowner without creating extra work or added expense. In fact, placed in the right area and properly maintained, a fountain can increase the home’s overall value.

If you are having trouble deciding on a Father’s Day gift, look into residential fountains. They come in a wide variety of styles and materials and can enhance the beauty of any home.

Need help choosing the perfect residential fountain for Father’s Day? Ask the pros at WP Law for help.

5 Tips for Installing DIY Fountains

DIY fountains are popular with many homeowners because they are lovely works of art, and a great weekend project.

 5 tips for installing diy fountains

DIY fountains require a basic understanding of electricity and water in order to work safely and function properly. While DIY fountains allow for a lot of individual artistic creativity, there are several practical matters that need to be considered to keep your dream from becoming a nightmare.

Here are some practical tips for your DIY fountain project.
• Think about placement. Whether your fountain is going on a table top, a wall, the floor or the ground, make sure the foundation has the strength to hold the fountain once it is full of water and running.
• Ask for help. Read your installation instructions, or ask your supplier for help with installing your masterpiece.
• Call in experts. If you need an electrical line run or reinforcement placed, don’t hesitate to pay a professional. If there is a chance that a DIY project can cause damage or danger, get a professional.
• Place your pump(s). Depending on its size, your fountain will have one or two pumps that are designed to work underwater. They should be cleverly hidden in filter boxes in the lowest basin.
• Plumb the system. Fountains are recirculation systems with the lowest basin acting as the reservoir that will hold the pumps. Water lines between lower and higher basins often require drilling holes, running tubing and caulking.

Now that your project is safely installed, enjoy it!

If you’d like help in choosing the best DIY fountain for your location, contact us here.

Top 3 Places to Install Commercial Fountains

When you want to improve the look of your business or office building, commercial fountains are an excellent choice.

 top 3 places to install commercial fountains

This is what you should know about the top three places you should consider having a commercial fountain installed. Selecting the right site will add beauty to your facility and impress your clients.

A popular location for you to install a commercial fountain is the entrance way into your facility. Entrance fountains not only provide an eye-catching landmark for your business, but they provide an important first impression to your clients.

Another great location for a commercial fountain is the inner lobby of your building. This location works great especially if you have a large spacious lobby. In addition to being a focal point, lobby fountains can drown out background noise while still allowing clients and employees to have private conversations.

If your business is a retail location, a commercial fountain located near the store front can provide an attraction that will help increase foot traffic. More foot traffic means more business.

Having a great looking commercial fountain can be a great way to enhance your company’s appearance and your customers’ experience. If you want professional help in choosing the right fountain and where to place it, ask the professionals at W. P. Law, Inc.

For more information about commercial fountain installation, just ask for a consultation here.

What Kind of Stone Works Best for Residential Fountains?

If you’re looking to add a residential fountain, you also need to choose the right stone for your needs.

 what kind of stone works  best for residential fountains

Whether it is outside in the garden or inside in a foyer, a residential fountain adds a touch of elegance and peace to any home. Water trickling over stone makes a pleasant, soothing sound that seems to invite occupants and guests alike to, “Come and rest beside me.”

The right stone for any fountain depends on your preference and budget. Many people choose marble and granite because they look nice and will not wear down quickly. However, the most common material for residential fountains is cast stone.

Cast stone is a concrete-like material that is prized for its beauty, and versatility. It can be made to imitate many different types of rocks including marble, granite, limestone, and quartz. Often, it is stronger than the material that it imitates. Because it can be cast in its final shape, it doesn’t have to be carved or drilled. This means that cast stone can be cost effective without looking cheap.

This building material has been around since the middle ages where it was used to decorate palaces and churches. It was known, even then, as the perfect material to add decorative embellishments to the grandest of structures.

Residential fountains made of cast stone can add the same beauty to a modern home. You can choose from a wide variety of looks and then relax, knowing that your fountain will remain as a treasured part of your home or grounds for many years to come.

Ask for help choosing stone for your residential fountain here.

DIY Fountains – How to Add Some Art to Your Home

DIY Fountains are easy to install and maintain, and add enjoyment to your home.

 diy fountains - add art to your home

Are you a gardening weekend warrior looking to take your skills to the next level? Maybe you are a regular DIY buff and looking for the next yard project to tackle. Well we have an excellent project for you no matter what your prior experience might be. W.P. Law Inc. offers fun DIY fountains that your whole family can help setting up.

You might think that water projects for the yard are going to take too much effort or know-how to accomplish. Well we can help you set up a beautiful fountain that is easy for just about anyone to get running. You will be proud knowing your own hands were behind the creation of your very own new fountain. Family and neighbors will admire the new fountain installation as well.

By adding water features, especially a DIY fountain, to your property, you’ll enjoy the pleasing and relaxing sound of water. Plus, water features add value and curb appeal. Installing and maintaining your fountain is easy if you choose the right DIY fountain and have experts to call on when you run into questions.

W.P. Law Inc. has all the parts, plans and tools your need to get started in the creation of your very own DIY fountain. With no existing hands-on experience or a load of training you will be getting your fountain running in no time flat.

Create the water works masterpiece of your dreams today! Contact us to find out how we can get you’re started with your own DIY kit to build unique fountain installations at your home for your family and visitors.

Why Are So Many Churches Installing Commercial Fountains?

There is a great connection between churches and commercial fountains that are seen on those buildings.

 why are so many churches installing commercial fountains

The Bible is full of illustrations using things that can be seen to explain things that cannot be seen – and the presence of commercial fountains on many church campuses is an object lesson as well as a beautification element.

From the book of Genesis to the last book of Revelation, water is mentioned over 700 times. Jesus referred to Himself as Living Water and invited all to drink freely; a church is going to be a perfect place then, for a water feature.

An indoor waterfall in the foyer can be a visual reminder of the streams of Living Water promised to the believer. The congregation can look at a chosen verse incorporated into the design and immediately get the connection. A fountain outside the building can proclaim Jesus’ invitation to come and partake of the spiritual offerings inside.

The problem with this idea is the creating of the water feature; plumbing, humidity levels, building codes, design, permits, electricity standards are only a few of the issues involved. This is not a job for a do-it-yourselfer, particularly in a building open to the public on a regular basis.

The professionals at W.P. Law, Incorporated have over 15 years of experience in designing commercial fountains, as well as constructing, maintaining, and repairing water features in a variety of locations. Our team can work with you to come up with the ideal water feature for your church. Contact us today.

Planting Time is Here! Make Sure Your Vegetable Garden is Properly Watered With a Garden Drip Irrigation Kit!

Garden drip irrigation kits provide an affordable and easy way to water your vegetable garden.

garden time is here

One of the joys of summertime is picking the perfect home-grown tomato and making a delicious BLT sandwich. Of course if you want fresh tomatoes this summer, you need to get started now.

To protect your vegetable garden from the summer heat that is to come, you will need to install a garden drip irrigation kit. Garden drip irrigation kits provide necessary water to your tender plants roots. Drip irrigation is not only efficient, but keeps the foliage dry and reduces disease problems.

Garden drip irrigation kits can also be equipped with fertilizer injection systems that can be used to deliver nutrients to your plants root systems effectively and efficiently.

Contact W. P. Law, Inc. for all of your garden drip irrigation kit needs.

3 Types of Residential Fountains You Could Use at Your Business

A great idea for beautifying your place of business… residential fountains can add a touch of elegance even at work.

3 types of residential fountains 

Did you know you can easily add a water feature to your business property? Many types of residential fountains can be installed in a commercial or business setting. It might even entice your customers to come in more often.

We all enjoy walking by a lake or looking out at a waterfall and perhaps tossing coins in a fountain for good luck. Residential fountains are easy to add to a courtyard for your employees to enjoy lunch hour or you’re landscaping making your building attractive to the public. Here are three common types of fountains used in homes that can also be useful at your business.

Water gardens and waterfalls can be as simple as a preformed pool with rocks around it and some plants with a few fish. They can also be elaborate mini-worlds with waterfalls and paths going over koi ponds.

Floating fountains can add a spray feature to a pond, aerating to improve water quality and adding the soothing sound of water falling into the pool as you watch the rainbows in the mist.

Architectural fountains are a broad category of water feature. Each fountain is composed of a pump, pipes, and possibly sprayer moving water across whatever you decide you want as your focus. You are limited by your imagination, your budget, and physics.

How do you decide? W. P. Law Inc. carries everything you need to bring your ideas to life and has the expert advice available to guide you in the process – just ask for a free consultation today.

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