Three Different Ways to Use Commercial Fountains

Considering commercial fountains for your business property?

Three Different Ways to Use Commercial Fountains
Commercial fountains can drastically elevate the atmosphere of a public space. Consider your options carefully, because while water features are abundant, not every water feature is right for every space.

There are many uses for commercial fountains, from the practical to the decorative. For instance:

1. Ornamentation. This is a very common use of commercial fountains; water features are seen as a symbol of luxury and indulgence. If this is the look you’re going for, invest in lighting. If you’re going to commission the design of a commercial fountain, it will undoubtedly become a defining aspect of the overall space it inhabits. You want to maximize the presence of a commercial fountain by ensuring that it can be seen at any hour, especially if there’s a high traffic flow through the space.

2. Subtlety. Commercial fountains are also great for creating subliminal atmosphere. The sound of trickling waterfalls in the background of an office or courtyard creates undeniable ambiance.

3. Practicality. Sometimes commercial water fountains serve a specific function, such as runoff management. But that doesn’t mean they can’t look good while they do it!

Fountains come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. Be sure to consult an expert at WP Law, Inc. about customizing your commercial fountain:

A Beginner’s Guide to Outdoor Grills and Kitchens

Nothing says summer fun better than firing up an outdoor grill and kitchen.

A Beginner’s Guide to Outdoor Grills and Kitchens
What’s better than a group of friends coming together in an outdoor space and sharing food, drinks, and good conversation? It’s the simple things like this that make outdoor living such an important investment.

Making your space truly inhabitable with an outdoor grill or kitchen is a great way to complete the scene. But how do you know if it’s a worthwhile investment for you?

Outdoor grills and kitchens can range from the expensive to the affordable. The technology available today is a far cry from the basic freestanding grill of cookouts gone by. Not only do you have the opportunity to cook outside, you have the chance to create a dining experience in your backyard. But make sure you choose materials that are resilient to the outdoor elements.

First of all, you should consider whether or not you have the space available for this kind of installation. With the amount of heat that grills and kitchens give off, you want to have enough room to avoid discomfort for any guests.

Another important decision is part of the longstanding debate between grillers about gas or electric in comparison to charcoal.

If you’d like to know what some of your options are when it comes to outdoor kitchens and grills, we’ve created a special brochure detailing some of these options.

You can also speak directly with a professional at WP Law about what you’re looking for with your outdoor kitchen or grill and get expert advice about your options.

Illuminating Your Path: Using Landscape Lighting to Define Outdoor Spaces

Landscape lighting to make your outdoor space glow.

Illuminating Your Path: Using Landscape Lighting to Define Outdoor Spaces
So you have spent months perfecting your outdoor space and it’s finally coming together. The first thing you’ll want to do is maximize the time you spend outside with friends and family. But there are only so many hours in a day!

Luckily, you don’t need to worry about that, because landscape lighting can extend the nightlife of your exterior space.

Landscape lighting can be the perfect finishing touch on any exterior space. And there are various lighting options to match what you’re trying to light.

For instance, ground lighting is perfect for low-lying accents. If you have a healthy flower garden, invest in something that will spotlight the work you put into it.

For more impressive focal points like trees or fountains, consider hanging lanterns to soften these features.

It’s good to keep in mind that less is more with landscape lighting. Because of the natural shadows, you can achieve a dramatic look without investing too much in a fancy setup. Mimicking the color of natural light also helps to create a cohesive outdoor scene.

Whether it’s a patio or private garden, shining a light on the outdoor space can make it more accessible and inviting at all hours of the day.

Contact the experts at WP Law, Inc. for more information on what landscape lighting can do for you:

3 Surprising Reasons Water Features Can Enhance Your Life

Water features add tranquility to any landscape.

3 Surprising Reasons Water Features Can Enhance Your Life
Water features offer an elegant option for decoration and can introduce a dimension of tranquility into your traditional backyard landscape.

But that’s not all they’re good for. Water has customarily been a great source of stress reduction, and investing in a water feature like fountains or ponds can significantly tip the scales on any landscape.

Stress Relief. Outdoor fountain designs can have a serious impact on your mood. They go a long way to changing an otherwise static environment into a dynamic one. Movement is pleasing to the human eye, which is why we enjoy looking out at the tidal pull of the ocean or standing on the shores of rivers as they flow past us. 

Sounds of Nature. Despite most water features incorporating synthetic components like hoses or filters, they can create a very realistic natural setting. The sound of running water combined with a healthy lawn or garden can be the tipping point between backyard and private oasis. Water features are a luxury that cannot be underestimated.

Attracting Wildlife. Most water features have the added bonus of attracting birds into the yard. This means more entertainment and a healthier ecosystem right outside your back door.

For more information on the benefits of water features, contact the experts at WP Law, Inc.

3 Ways Using an Irrigation Timer Can Get You a Better Lawn

Irrigation Timer – When is the best time to water your lawnThe right irrigation timer can make short work of your lawn maintenance.

3 Ways Using an Irrigation Timer Can Get You a Better Lawn
Lawn care and maintenance is a science. Or is it an art? Either way, there’s a lot of information about what landscape products to use as well as secret tricks to improving the efficiency of your maintenance systems.

One of the most obvious ways to simplify this process is to make it a more hands-off experience. That’s where irrigation timers come in.

1. Timekeeping.
Irrigation is a critical factor in maintaining a healthy, happy lawn. A basic rule of plants is that they need water and they need it regularly. Most of us have pretty busy lives, and devoting time to a personal watering schedule isn’t always an option. Timers can guarantee that your lawn gets attention even when you aren’t there to give it.

2. Saturation.
It’s not enough just to water your lawn. Wetting down the blades of grass or misting the leaves of your new garden is sure to send these plans to an early grave. Irrigation systems will soak into the soil and nourish your lawn, providing a consistent level saturation every week.

3. Customizability.
Another popular bone of contention in the watering world is the idea that when you water matters. Watering during the hottest part of the day decreases absorption and compromises the efficiency of your watering system. Irrigation timers eliminate this problem by providing a customizable activation setting.

For help choosing irrigation timers that fit your needs perfectly, contact the experts at WP Law, Inc:

Do You Know this Secret Ingredient to Great Outdoor Living?

True outdoor beauty begins with the right landscape products.

Do You Know this Secret Ingredient to Great Outdoor Living?
Coming home from work at the end of the week, all most people want to do is kick off their shoes, sit with their family or friends and relax – have a glass of wine on the back patio and listen to the wind rustling through the grass.

Think this is all out of your reach? Think again. The secret is the right landscape products.

Great outdoor living can become a reality if you invest a little bit of time and money toward designing and creating a scenic landscape furnished with any variety of popular products.

It all depends on what sort of atmosphere you imagine yourself in. Do you enjoy cooking out regularly? If so, a patio with grill and dining capabilities might be a good investment.

Or maybe you have kids with lots of friends who could use a fun pool to cool off in during the summer months.

Maybe you are an avid gardener with a green thumb and the healthy lawn to prove it. In that case, landscaping a garden might be a great way to reward yourself and spend your free time.

Whatever your preference, outdoor areas are an extension of your personality. Indulge in something that will make you happy. Creating a well-landscaped outdoor area can be the secret to escaping from the stresses of everyday life. A relaxing fountain or outdoor fireplace can transform a normal backyard into your personal haven.

Need tips and advice on which landscape products will work best for your yard? Consult the experts at WP Law at

3 Stunning Ways to Incorporate Residential Fountains into Your Backyard

Residential fountains are the key to your backyard oasis.

3 Stunning Ways to Incorporate Residential Fountains into Your Backyard
Lush green grass across the lawn, a decadent garden and patio area for family cookouts or holiday parties in the summer; what could complete this private backyard oasis? The solution is simple, customizable, and within your grasp.

Residential fountains are a great way to complement a scenic landscape. Fountains are easy decorative touches and can be either formal or informal.

Depending on the atmosphere of your landscape, there are several options that can flatter any area. Custom design capabilities guarantee a personalized addition to your landscape, as well as a touch of luxury.

If you’re looking to add a fountain to your backyard, here are three ways you can make it a stunning addition:

1. If you have an in-ground pool, the addition of a fountain might provide a whimsical aspect to the space, tuning a regular backyard into a cool grotto.
2. How about a water garden? Water gardens are a different variation on traditional fountains that create a particularly soothing environment. They also provide an opportunity to incorporate beautiful aquatic plant life.
3. Gardens are another excellent place for residential fountains because they accentuate the natural setting.

Whatever decision you make, just be sure that it reflects the atmosphere of your home. A picture perfect backyard is only one fountain away!

Have questions about adding residential fountains to your landscape? Contact the experts at WP Law, Inc. for more information at

3 Reasons an Irrigation Company Should Be Part of Your DIY Landscaping or Irrigation Project

Before you take the plunge, what you need to know about irrigation companies.

3 Reasons an Irrigation Company Should Be Part of Your DIY Landscaping or Irrigation Project
You’ve been carefully making your plans. You’ve been cutting out magazine clippings, surfing Google image results, and drawing out how your new backyard or front lawn will look.

Except you might be making a huge mistake: not talking to an irrigation company.

You have all the ambition of a home improvement guru, but none of the expertise. If you’re getting ready to make some major landscape changes, it’s a good idea to get an expert irrigation and landscape opinion as part of your prep work.

Whether you want an improved lawn for the summer or to incorporate some water features to the patio, irrigation professionals are here to make that process easier.

1. Irrigation professionals are committed to their clients. The work they do is a reflection of their place in the industry. Irrigation companies specialize in creating customized solutions to your landscaping or irrigation needs.
2. Irrigation companies have extensive resources and industry networks. They can coordinate with suppliers to provide the best materials and can be relied upon to get you the best deals available. Their certification makes them qualified to assist you, and their experience can provide insight into avoiding common roadblocks on home improvement projects.
3. Irrigation companies have sustainable solutions to your landscaping problems. Avoid the blunders of a quick fix or a job poorly done. By contracting with an irrigation company, you can count on a dependable and long-term product that will maintain it’s appeal for years to come and save you money in the long run.

Contact the experts irrigation companies turn to at WP Law, Inc. for more information at

3 Fascinating Facts About Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation Is a Gardening Game-Changer.

3 Fascinating Facts About Drip Irrigation

Are you tired of standing in your hot yard and wasting time on an uneconomical watering system? Drip irrigation takes water straight to the source and is one of the most efficient ways to tend your garden.

When it comes to making a decision about which irrigation system to use for your garden

1. Drip irrigation saves you time and money. Sprinkler systems often fail to provide water at a level that can be successfully absorbed by garden soil. While sprinklers may work well enough for lawns or yards, a drip system can access the garden and nourish your plants. This simplified technique saves water, which minimizes your utilities bill each month. It also requires no active supervision.

2. Less is More. This is the secret to good absorption rates. Drip tubing/tape should be kept at a steady water pressure level, but never set them high enough to openly spray. This kind of water distribution can make the soil uneven and defeat the purpose of the system. Also avoid sloped or hilly ground because the runoff will pool unevenly.

3. Spacing and Timing Matter. As with any watering system, timing is essential. But especially with drip irrigation, the spacing of each drip line determines the allocation of water in your garden. Check the absorption rate of your soil and adjust the frequency accordingly.

Want to find out if drip irrigation is the best choice for your garden, or have questions about how to install it? Contact the drip irrigation experts at WP Law, Inc for more information: .

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