3 Ways Residential Fountains Can Make You the Cool Kid on the Block

Create an Everyday Escape for Friends and Neighbors Using Residential Fountains

3 Ways Residential Fountains Can Make You the Cool Kid on the Block

Residential fountains provide homeowners with a surprising number of benefits, but homeowners aren’t the only ones who count. Guests and neighbors can get just as much from your water projects. Invest in the right features and enjoy the following results:

1. People Appreciate Your Investment

Whether you’re creating large gardens or shoveling snow for the whole block, your neighbors appreciate when you invest in their community. They especially enjoy features that help raise property value. Building a fountain makes your home look special, but it’s also a draw to the neighborhood.

2. People Will Start Talking About Your Home

“Have you seen the Murphys’ fountain yet?” No one is going to stop by your home to see your fountain without stopping in to see you. This gives you a chance to invite them in and make a new first impression with people you haven’t bonded with before. As more people visit your home and spread the word, more people will feel comfortable doing the same. Adding a fountain to your outdoor design is a good way to make new friends in your area.

3. A Successful Design Makes you a Resource

Landscaping projects can be labor and cost intensive. Providing the neighborhood with a stellar example of how to do things right makes you to go-to homeowner on the block. People will want to know who you used for your project, why and how you made your project work. Community experts get more respect and often find they have more influence.

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3 Ways Commercial Fountains are Completely Underrated

Don’t Ignore the True Benefits of Commercial Fountains

3 Ways Commercial Fountains are Completely Underrated

Commercial fountains aren’t just pretty to look at. Designed correctly, they can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Consider these following points when deciding whether or not to include a fountain or other water feature into your company plans.

1. Fountains Draw Attention

There’s a reason the Bellagio Hotel is so well-known. Although it’s an amazing hotel overflowing with luxury, it stands out in Las Vegas because of its fountain system. It’s big, brash, and dances in awe-inspiring displays. Thousands of visitors come to see the Bellagio Fountains, even if they don’t stay in the hotel. While people visit, however, they often notice other things happening on the property they wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. The significant impact of the hotel’s water feature encouraged mall developer Emaar Properties to create a $218 million fountain display to open alongside their Dubai shopping complex.

2. They Also Create Good PR

Award-winning fountains draw a different kind of attention. The media covers stories about where these structures are built, who was hired for the design, how much the project cost, and why they stood out from other water features. Your company name appears in press releases and on websites, and its picture can be seen in magazines and online. These are all great for exposure. People who haven’t heard of you before will, and they’ll associate your business with good investments. That’s important for attracting quality clients and partners, as well as reinforcing a good brand reputation for the purpose of hiring.

3. They Boost Your Website Optimization

When your name and often your company’s domain name appear frequently online as your fountain draws attention, it gives your importance in search results a surprising boost. You’ll wind up with high quality backlinks leading to your site and search engines will identify your URL as a quality resource. These traits all effect how high your website performs in search results, whether or not someone is searching for information on fountains or design.

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How DIY Fountains Can Make You Happy

Creating Your Own Kind of Beautiful with DIY Fountains

How DIY Fountains Can Make You Happy

DIY fountains offer surprising benefits for the home and business owners who plan and build them. Before tossing the chance aside, really look into what it takes to create your own water features. You may be very surprised at how simple it is and how satisfied with the final product.

People Love to Do Good Deeds

Living in our often materialistic world, it’s hard to believe this human truth; the happiest people focus on doing for others more than filling their own needs. People get big rewards from living altruistically. DIY fountains add enjoyment, beauty, and charm to previously drab or worn spaces. Your project won’t only help you appreciate your property more. It will help you feel responsible for adding some beauty to the world.

People Love Feeling Competent

There’s something to be said for a job well done, especially when you learn new skills in the process. Designing and constructing your own fountain will add to the list of things you like about you. You may not create another one again, or you may turn the new skills you learn into a new source of income.

Fountains Provide Relaxation and Peace

In life, it’s often more about the journey you take than your final destination. Fortunately, for a do-it-yourself fountain or water feature project, the end result provides a serious boost. They often provide calm and relaxation through the comforting sounds of babbling water. They elicit the tranquility of being with nature and help block out the noises of the busier, more complicated world.

Building your own fountain may seem like a complicated endeavor, but the market is full of products to help you on your way. It’s easier than it looks, by far, and provides a surprising number of benefits.

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Who Really Uses Outdoor Grills and Kitchens

Outdoor Grills and Kitchens Maximize Your Property Investments

Who Really Uses Outdoor Grills and Kitchens

Outdoor grills and kitchens can be found in residential and commercial settings. They make sense for families who enjoy entertaining outdoors, and they add a unique touch to businesses serving food or hosting banquets.

The question is really whether they’re right for you. Here are several questions you can ask yourself:

Do you have the outdoor space for a built-in grill?

One of the smallest built-in models available is the BI Pro 500RB from Napoleon Gourmet Grills. It’s 30 3/4-inches long and 20 5/8-inches deep, but still enjoys 760-sq. inches of cooking space. You may also want to add additional features such as an outdoor refrigerator, wine chiller or kegerator. The built-in amenities have their own space requirements. With such a wide variety of outdoor kitchen options, there is something for almost any size outdoor area. An outdoor kitchen area will improve your ability to use the property as well as its value.

Do you have the kind of property needed to enjoy outdoor cooking?

Most people live or own a business in an area safe for enjoying outdoors. Very few situations can’t be changed through the use of landscaping and greenery to make guests feel safe and comfortable. The one exception might be an industrial location where smells or noise are a nuisance. Barring those situations, you can work with a designer to create an escape where friends and clients come to get away from the daily grind. Outdoor grills and kitchens add to the appeal, and for the right businesses, create potential for a secondary income.

What about your neighbors’ feelings?

Entertaining outdoors can create noise and it’s important to consider how your neighbors might feel about this kind of change. Before you go to the expense of installing an outdoor cooking area, you may want to tryout a portable grill or at least talk with a few of them about their schedules. If the guy next door works nights and sleeps all day, having parties every weekend will quickly lead to problems. This is especially true for businesses. Make sure your area is zoned correctly and secure any permits you’ll need before you invest in the process.

For most homeowners, adding an outdoor kitchen or grill allows you to enjoy more of your property more of the time, and to be more social in your time outside of work. They add value to your home and make life more fun too. Likewise, businesses can increase their reputations and their profits. It’s important to do your due diligence, but don’t let the what-if’s rob you of the experience.

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How Water Features are Easier Than You Think

Plan Water Features to be Cool and Easy to Clean

How Water Features are Easier Than You Think

People get confused when it comes to water features. They assume if it’s beautiful, it must be expensive and difficult to take care of. This couldn’t be a bigger misconception. A quality fountain design and installation takes maintenance into account and incorporates products and technology to make maintaining that masterpiece easier.


Maintaining water quality is the most important element in reducing maintenance headaches and costs. Poor water quality leads to murky water, clogged nozzles and foul odors. A reputable fountain contractor will insist on using some type of filtration. In many cases filtration will be used in conjunction with other water quality processes such as UV lights.


Setting various features of your fountain on a schedule or allowing them to be controlled offsite by computer or mobile device helps you maintain the ideal standards for your water features, regardless of your other obligations. Save money on labor and still make sure your fountains stay in tip-top shape.

Environmentally Friendly

Water-conserving fountains sound like an oxymoron, but designs can easily be tweaked to either use less water or recycle and filter water so visitors enjoy an impressive display while your utility bills stay low.

Easy Drainage

One of the most important points of maintenance in cold weather areas is the ability to fully drain a fountain before it freezes. The design company you work with can install special equipment and make this job easier and more thorough, preventing frozen feature elements that can lead to excessive damage.

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How to Take the Mystery Out of Systems Automation

Easily Tackle Systems Automation

How to Take the Mystery Out of Systems Automation

Systems automation saves you money and creates a more efficient way of doing business. You may have ignored it for quite a while now because your setup works well as-is. What happens when your key employees retire or move on? What happens when you’re ready to sell and upgrading becomes an issue? There are hundreds of reasons switching to automated components makes sense right now, but the biggest benefits are simple to understand.

Utilize Employees Better

Businesses utilizing pumping and piping systems often have a few important employees at the helm. They’ve gotten to know the system. They know the kinks. They know the fixes. They know the best and worst times and ways to start up and shut things down. Eventually these people will want to retire or switch to positions where they aren’t involved in such physical work.

Take advantage of their expertise before they move on with the help of systems automation. Set up the best schedules for starting and stopping your operations, as well as checking various maintenance and performance points. Putting routines in the hands of computers cuts back on time you need people in the field.

Work Away From the Field

One of the best – and hardest – features to master about today’s newest system automation programs is potential mobility. Control your processes from your computer, or through smart devices like mobile phones. This allows you to make necessary adjustments, run tests or schedule maintenance away from the office as well as away from work sites. It allows you the freedom you need to balance work with the rest of life’s responsibilities.

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The 3 Best Commercial Fountains in History

Show Stopping Commercial Fountains

The 3 Best Commercial Fountains in History

Outstanding commercial fountains get recognized each year at tradeshows in a number of industries. Pool and spa associations and landscaping groups in particular pay attention to these fun and inspiring water features. Award winners can tell you a lot about current trends and innovations. However, taking a look at some of the most famous commercial fountains in history can also give you a starting point.

1. Bellagio Fountains

The fountains in Las Vegas have more flare than any others in the world. Along the Strip, none impress visitors more than the Bellagio Fountains. Like the chorus girl routines performed nightly indoors, the fountains dips and drips are colored and professionally choreographed to thrilling music in order to keep guests enthralled. The waterworks feature over 1000 devices and create sprays reaching over 450-ft. in the air.

2. Fountain of Wealth

Found underground in Suntec City’s shopping complex, this Singapore curiosity remains one of the largest commercial fountains in the world. Its bronze shape includes an inner circle supported by five towering beams, and makes a show stopping centerpiece.

3. Dubai Fountain

Contrary to popular opinion, the Dubai Fountain is not, in fact, a public project. It was financed by Emaar Properties to coincide with the opening of the Dubai Mall. Designed by the same company responsible for the Bellagio Fountains, it’s 25 percent larger. Featuring 6,600 lights and shooting water nearly 500-ft. into the air, the choreographed fountain celebrates a variety of popular and traditional Arabian tunes. Finished in 2009, it cost just $218 million.

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The ABC’s of Pump Stations

Pump Stations Simplified

The ABC's of Pump Stations

Pump stations are responsible for moving liquids from one place to another via a system of steel, copper, or plastic piping systems. They’re used in a number of setups, from oil refineries to municipal water systems and power stations. Given the industry, subtle differences can lead to cost savings and max efficiency. Take, for instance, three of the most common uses:

A. Water Systems

Pump stations can be used to manage municipal water systems. These types of systems deal with constant upgrade demands, particularly in terms of environmental protection. New regulations often force redesigns or call for special measures to be put in place to protect water quality, shore erosion, and protect native wildlife.

B. Sewage Systems

System upgrades can allow a municipality to significantly lower costs without sacrificing on quality of service. This is especially important because of the complications of handling both solid and liquid material, including managing the risk for clogs.

C. Chemicals, Gas, and Oil

Automation is more helpful – and cost effective – in certain industries than in others. Companies dealing with harmful materials, natural gas or oil, need ways of identifying problems as soon as they happen. The latest developments into computerized pump station support provide safety in a wide range of otherwise risky situations.

Each industry places its own requirements on equipment. Companies should assess the systems they have in place to ensure they’re making the best investments in terms of both equipment and usage.

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The Evolution of Piping Systems

Piping Systems Throughout History

The Evolution of Piping Systems

Piping systems keep modern industry working, but for such an essential part of operations, they’re a fairly new invention. World War I created a high demand for fuels and other resources. A British company called Victory Pipe Joint Company developed pipelines with bolted couplings as a way of delivering these materials to the front.

It wasn’t long before the British company moved to New York City, changed its name to Victaulic, and began shipping their grooved and mechanic pipe couplings. Starting in 1925, these new technologies began showing their face in American oilfields, mining endeavors and municipal water and sewage systems.

Over the next several decades, the following advancements made crafting and assembling industrial piping systems much easier:

• Roll grooving
• Copper grooved couplings
• Bolted mechanical branch connects
• Rigid grooved couplings
• Grooved flow controls, suction diffusers and butterfly valves

The industry has exploded, adapting itself to meet the needs of a never-ending list of businesses. Piping systems have also evolved to become significantly more efficient. The latest advancements have focused on installation-ready and anti-microbial products, spanning most industries. They’ve also slowly made the change from steel to copper and even plastic construction.

These setups have gone from being used in the transportation of basic materials to literally every industry active in commerce. They’re used to deliver process-related materials, as well as cooling agents and pressurized water and air needed to run machines properly. Piping is even used in sports for watering fields or courses and in stadium fire safety. Today, it’s difficult to find a business without piping of some kind.

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