How to Make Your Outdoor Kitchen Part of Your Home

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For many people, an outdoor kitchen is a way to expand their living space and bring the outdoors into their home; however, these same people may be struggling to find ways to integrate their outdoor kitchen with the rest of the home. For those looking for advice regarding their outdoor kitchen, there are a few ways to better integrate this home addition with the rest of the home itself.

Choose the Right Location

Before even starting with the outdoor kitchen, it is vital to pick the right spot for this addition to ensure it integrates well with the rest of the home. Place the outdoor kitchen near the eating and dining area so that it is easy to run dishes between the outdoor kitchen, the serving area, and the hungry people. If the location is chosen well, the outdoor kitchen will see more use and feel like a part of the home.

Bring the Indoors Outside

To further integrate the outdoor kitchen, it is important to bring the indoors to the outdoor world. This means buying reliable appliances that are intended for outdoor use. Make sure there is a place to store the cooking equipment to cut down on the time spent running between the inside and the outside. Add a little bit of ambiance or seating to the outdoor kitchen as well. This will encourage people to make use of the outdoor kitchen and unite the indoor and outdoor worlds into one.

My Water Pressure Fluctuates, What’s Going On?

Duo Pro dual-contained piping system

When your water pressure is fluctuating, a number of problems can be going on. Water pressure issues are most common in homes with a private well system, but can occur anywhere. If your water pressure is strong one minute and weak the next, it could be one of the following problems.

Your Water Filter is Clogged

If your water pressure goes low, your first step is to check the water filter for your home. When the filter gets clogged, you won’t have the water pressure you are used to. If the clog is only partial, you may notice your water pressure going up and down.

Sediment is Stuck in Your Faucet

Sediment buildup is another common problem in most homes that will lead to water pressure fluctuations. Sediment builds up over time, and gets stuck in the aerator screens on the end of the faucet. You can try to take the aerator screen off of the end of your faucet to see if any sediment comes out. The screen comes off by screwing it off. Run the water for a minute with the aerator off to see if this fixes the problem.

When Your Water is Hard or Has High Iron Content

If your home has hard water or there is a high iron percentage in your water, this can cause clogging in the lines that provide water to your faucets, rust to develop, or buildup from the hard water.

If you aren’t sure why your water pressure is fluctuating, be sure to contact us, and we’ll find the answers to your problems.

Soil: How Does it Help Determine the Sprinkler I Use

Duo Pro dual-contained piping system

When people are thinking about adding a sprinkler system to their lawn to help with irrigation, they often think about the cost of the system and the size of their lawn before moving forward; however, it is important for people to think about the soil type as well. The type of soil plays an important role in the sprinkler system and should be considered along with the other factors before deciding on a sprinkler system.

The Intake Rate of the Soil

One of the factors that people need to consider with their soil is its intake rate. The intake rate is the term given to the rate at which the soil absorbs the water. Soil that has a high intake rate soaks up water faster than soil with a low intake rate. If the soil has a high intake rate, the sprinkler system can apply water at a higher rate; however, if the soil has a low intake rate, the soil cannot absorb as much water as quickly and the sprinkler system run times would need to be adjusted so that runoff is reduced.

The Water Retention of the Soil

The water retention of the soil is the term used to describe how well the soil holds on to the water. Soil with a high retention rate holds on to water and does not need to be watered as often. People need to consider the water retention of the soil before deciding on a sprinkler system because it determines the frequency of the water treatments.

Reach out to your local irrigation experts to discover the perfect system for your lawn. We’ll discuss every factor that should be considered when selecting an irrigation system, along with your individual needs. Contact WP Law, Inc today and let’s get started on creating a healthier lawn for you!

Where is a Multiport Ball Valve Typically Used?

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A fluid handling system has many different parts and operations that can be customized and controlled based on the individual needs it serves. One key element of many fluid handling systems is the multi-port ball valve. The multi-port is able to control fluids multi-directionally and also has a cutoff position, all in one valve.

Start and Stop the Flow of Fluid

A multi-port ball valve can control the access of fluid to various parts of the piping system. For example, if a system needs to add more hot water, the multi-port ball valve can be used to open flow to the hot water heater and add hot water to the line. Once enough hot water has been applied, the multi-port ball valve can cease flow again to control the temperature of the system.

Customize and Divert the Flow

Multi-port valves come in different materials, with multiple types of port configuration and end connections. This level of customization allows for complete control over any kind of fluid handling system. The most common kinds of multi-port valves are three- or four-way handlers. Many parts are interchangeable between models and are more cost-effective.

The more standard applications for multi-port ball valve include:
• Mixing/blending line medias
• Diversion of Fluid flow to a new location
• Bypass heat exchanges, meters etc.
• Move fluid into or out of storage tanks
• Shut off flow from particular locations
Take control of your fluid handling system with the convenience of a multiport ball valve. If you’re interested in upgrading or altering an existing fluid handling system, contact the local experts at WP Law, Inc. today!

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