3 Money-Saving Tips for Sprinkler Usage This Summer


Can you save money without giving up your sprinkler system this summer? You can’t quit watering your lawn, but you can do it without blowing your budget. Here are three money-saving tips that can help.

Tip #1: Use a Rain Sensor

Does your irrigation system have a rain sensor? If not, it’s time to incorporate one. It senses rain and turns your sprinkler system off if it’s not needed. After a set amount of time, it will turn your system back on. It’s like a pause or a rain delay, so you aren’t watering your landscaping when Mother Nature is doing it for you.

Tip #2: Check Your Sprinkler Heads

This is a simple solution to prevent you from wasting money, and it can make a huge difference in your water use. Go through your zones, one at a time, and check each sprinkler head. Make sure it’s working properly, that it’s not clogged with dirt or grass, and points in the right direction. You don’t want to spend money watering the sidewalk.

Tip #3: Optimize Your Programming

An automatic irrigation system is like having a smart thermostat – it’s only as good as its programming. If you don’t take advantage of all of the options, you’re wasting water and money. Optimizing your programming can help you use less water and save money on your water bills. Be sure you’re following your municipal watering guides and restrictions when programming your settings.

Are you looking for more tips and tricks to help you use less water and save more money on your sprinklers this summer? Contact the pros at W.P. Law, Inc. for the expert advice you need to keep your yard looking great without flattening your wallet.

3 Landscaping Trends For 2020


Every year brings new trends in home design, and that includes backyards and landscaping. If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for your yard, let us inspire you. Take a look at the three biggest landscaping trends for 2020.

#1: Outdoor Living Spaces

People are moving more and more to outdoor living. Homeowners want to enjoy the outdoors without giving up the comforts of the indoors. That’s where outdoor living space comes in. Outdoor living includes everything from stone fire pits to outdoor kitchens, from pergolas and covered patios to water features and waterfalls. Your indoor living space can now extend into the outdoors with comfortable, beautiful spaces to spend time with your family and friends out in nature, but still in your own backyard.

#2: Transitional Landscaping

In the old days, lawns and gardens were just for summertime. They turned brown and hibernated for the winter. A trend for 2020 and beyond is to plan for transitional landscaping that you can enjoy year-round. With careful planning and thoughtful choices, you can incorporate elements into your landscaping that will look beautiful in any season.

#3: Low Maintenance

Gone are the days of spending every weekend working on your yard and garden. Low maintenance is the keyword for 2020 when it comes to landscaping. Instead of labor-intensive choices, homeowners are choosing perennial flowers and plants, trees and shrubs that don’t require pruning, and programmable irrigation systems that take the work out of watering.

Are you ready to take your landscaping up a notch? With some of these ideas from 2020 landscaping trends and the expertise of the team at W.P. Law, Inc., you can do just that. Contact them today to get started.

How to Unlock Your Dream Outdoor Living Space


Do you have a vision for the perfect outdoor living space? It doesn’t have to be just a dream. With some careful planning and the right team in your corner, you can make that vision a reality. Here’s how.

Make a List

Are you dreaming of an outdoor kitchen? Can you imagine the bubbling brook of a pond or water feature? Are you picturing a lush lawn and beautiful landscaping? What about a stone fire pit for gathering around with family and friends? Whatever you can imagine, write it all down.

Make a Plan

The next step in bringing your dream to life is making a plan. Now is the time to put your head together with a professionals who knows how to take your ideas and put them into action. Whether you want to install an outdoor grill, a pondless waterfall, or a tropical garden, you need someone who knows the ins and outs of design and installation. You want your plan to come to life carefully and thoughtfully by someone with the knowledge, expertise, and experience to do it right.

Make it Happen

When you’re ready to unlock your dream outdoor living space, come to the professionals at W.P. Law, Inc. We’ve got the products you need to make your dream come true.

3 Reasons a Pondless Waterfall Is the Way to Go This Summer


Have you been looking at pondless waterfalls and wondering if they’re a good idea? If you’re thinking about adding a water feature to your outdoor space, pondless might be the right choice. Take a look at three reasons a pondless waterfall is the way to go this summer.

#1: The Safety Factor

A pondless waterfall circulates without a holding pond for water. Without the pond, you remove the risks of standing water. You won’t have a drowning hazard for small children and pets, a priority for many homeowners. You also won’t attract pests such as mosquitoes, and you won’t have to worry about algae and bacteria that are common in ponds.

#2: Low Maintenance

A waterfall without a pond requires little maintenance. You won’t have to worry about fish, frogs, or other critters, and you won’t have to run it constantly. You can switch it on and off or put it on a timer.

#3: A Beautiful Addition

If you love the sound of running, bubbling water, but don’t want the hassle of a full-blown pond system, a pondless waterfall is a great option. With custom design options, sizes to fit any outdoor space, and the beauty of a waterfall, it’s the way to go this summer.

A low-maintenance, low-cost, safe water feature option for your yard and landscaping is a pondless waterfall. If you want to enhance your outdoor living space with a beautiful addition that includes the soothing sounds of a waterfall, this is just what you’ve been looking for. The team at W.P. Law, Inc. has got you covered. Contact their experienced staff for more information on a pondless waterfall for your yard.

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