4 Outdoor Kitchen Tips when Transitioning from Summer to Fall


Your outdoor kitchen has probably been a focal point of your home all summer long. But is it ready for cooler weather? Take a look at four ways you can transition it from summer to fall.

1: Focus on the Lighting

As the days get shorter and the sun sets earlier, it’s the perfect time to add more lighting to your outdoor living space. This can include landscape lighting to create a warm backdrop or patio lights to illuminate the space for you, your family, and your friends.

2: Creating the Ambiance

To create a relaxing environment as we move into fall, a water feature is a great upgrade for our outdoor kitchen. The sound of bubbling water can create an ambiance that’s unique and inviting.

3: Upgrade Your Appliances

Cooking outdoors in the fall is as popular as barbequing in the summer, maybe even more so. As the weather cools down, it’s often more comfortable to spend time outside in the autumn months. One way to transition your outdoor kitchen to fall is by upgrading some of your appliances. Investing in a new grill can help kick your cooking skills up a notch.

4: Warm it Up

Nothing is cozier in the fall than a fire pit. Adding one to the living space near your outdoor kitchen helps make it even more multi-season and ready for guests. It also makes a perfect place to snuggle up with your family any night of the week.

Contact the team at W.P. Law, Inc. for help transitioning your outdoor kitchen from summer to fall.

3 Bite-Sized Tips to Creating the Perfect Backyard for Football Season


It’s football season, and it’s the year to enjoy it in your own backyard. Are you ready? We can help. Take a look at three bite-sized tips for creating the perfect setting for game day.

1: Setting the Scene

Your yard and garden are the backdrop to your outdoor living space. Now that the days are getting shorter, you might want to think about adding votive candles, multipurpose swivel lamps or path lights. The right lighting design can make your yard look ready for guests, whether you’re tossing the ball around at halftime or sitting on the deck, enjoying some beverages.

2: Creating the Cooking Space

What’s a football-ready yard if you don’t have someplace for the BBQ? Why not consider expanding your kitchen into a place you can enjoy year-round? Creating a space to cook and entertain will make your house the place to be this season. You can build the space of your dreams to fit all of your friends and your large-screen TV, too.

3: Don’t Forget the Seating

Everyone wants a front-row seat for the game, but comfortable seating is just as important. When you have your family or friends over to watch football, you want everyone to be comfortable. You can create just the right outdoor living space with seating, tables, lounge chairs, benches and even a water feature to create an ambiance made for relaxing or cheering on the home team.

Is your backyard ready for football season? We’ve got you covered. With water features, landscape lighting, outdoor grills, and more, we’ll have you ready to be the host with the most. Contact the team of pros at W.P. Law, Inc. today to talk about your game plan.

Beginner’s Guide to Lawn Fertilizer and Chemical Treatments


Are you using the right lawn fertilizer and chemical treatments? You love your lawn, take good care of it, and want it to look good year-round. But if you aren’t using the right products at the right times, you could end up with less than stellar results. If you’re new to the fertilizer and chemical treatments game, we’re here to help with a guide for beginners.

What is Fertilizer?

Fertilizer is food for your lawn. It’s made of either organic or inorganic materials. You apply it directly to your lawn, and it gets into the soil to nourish the grass. There are three main components of fertilizer, known as NPK – nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These are found in the soil that keep your grass alive. Adding supplemental amounts in fertilizer keeps the grass healthy when the soil can’t support it on its own.

What Do Chemical Treatments Do?

In addition to fertilizer, your lawn often needs extra care in the form of chemical treatments. These can treat everything from insects and infestations to fungus and diseases. We don’t recommend that you diagnose and treat your own lawn issues. You don’t want to do more harm than good.

You want your lawn to look good and be healthy all year. Our team is here to help you do just that. With our expertise in fertilizer and chemical treatments, we can help you have a lush, green lawn. Contact W.P. Law, Inc. today to find out more.

How Long Should I Keep My Irrigation System Running into the Fall?


Have you turned off your irrigation system now that fall is nearly upon us? We hope not! The weather in the south means you can water well into the autumn months. But is there a point when you should stop? Here’s what you need to know about running your irrigation system into the fall.

Winter and Proper Irrigation

The ground doesn’t freeze in the south the way it does in northern states. There, you need to shut off and drain your irrigation system to prevent frozen and broken pipes. There is still the need for water in South Carolina, even into the fall and winter months. Grasses do become dormant as the weather cools, but because our climate is so mild, your lawn and garden can still benefit from occasional watering.

How to Know When to Water

Instead of guessing when your dormant grass needs watering in the fall, you can use smart controller technology. It keeps track of weather conditions and then automatically runs the irrigation system to compensate when it gets too dry. They take the guesswork out of running your sprinkler system at the same time they save water. They’ll also give your lawn and garden the boost they need during the cool, dry months, so they come back green and strong in the spring.

Don’t turn off your sprinkler system just because summer’s over. There’s a better way to take care of your lawn and garden. Contact W.P. Law, Inc. to learn more about when and how to keep your irrigation system running in the fall.

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