3 Sizzling Ways to Make Sure Your Backyard Is Ready for Summer


Summer is almost here, and you and your family deserve a backyard outdoor living space that you can enjoy all season long. Ready for some backyard inspiration? Keep reading for three sizzling ways to get your backyard space summer-ready:

  1. Landscape Lighting

  2. Consider installing low-voltage landscaping lighting to bring hours of beautiful light to illuminate your backyard during the evening hours. From ground lighting and spotlights to path lights and floodlights, the lighting you choose can significantly enhance your backyard ambiance and safety. You and your family and friends can keep the party going long after the sun goes down with the right outdoor lighting features.

  3. Outdoor Kitchen

  4. Want to take your backyard to the next level? An outdoor kitchen is the ultimate in summer backyard fun and luxury. With so many features and design options, you can create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. From a basic grill and counter to a full-blown outdoor gourmet kitchen, the chef in your life will love this addition to your backyard.

  5. Backyard Patio

  6. A seamless way to extend your indoor living space into your backyard is with the perfect patio. Choose from numerous configurations and gorgeous, comfortable outdoor seating options to maximize the space. You can even incorporate an attractive water feature into your patio design for a soothing, peaceful ambiance that helps you relax and unwind after a busy day.

Make this summer the best one yet by enhancing your backyard outdoor living space. Let the team at W.P. Law, Inc. help make your backyard vision a reality. Connect with us online now for expert recommendations and information.

3 Key First Steps to an Irrigation System


Whether you need better irrigation for your landscaping, sports facility, or agricultural application, it’s essential to set up your irrigation system for success. If this is your first time installing irrigation, you want to make sure you do it correctly for optimal results. Keep reading for the three key first steps to an irrigation system:

  1. Choose Your Irrigation System Design Wisely

  2. Proper irrigation system design is the most important step to take when setting up irrigation for the first time. If the design is wrong, you will likely struggle with repair needs and issues in the future. Getting the right design will help you make the most of your system investment. If you aren’t how to design the system correctly, reach out to the professionals for hassle-free and expert design.

  3. Invest in High-Quality Irrigation Equipment

  4. When it comes to irrigation systems, you get what you pay for! Now is not the time to go the cheapest route. However, it is possible to get affordable irrigation equipment to meet your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to shop around to compare prices. Ultimately, getting a professional recommendation from irrigation experts will help you make the best choices.

  5. Follow All Installation Guidelines

  6. The people who tend to be disappointed with their irrigation system performance often tried to set it up without following installation guidelines. Any equipment you purchase should come with step-by-step instructions, and it is crucial to follow them carefully. For best results, turn to experienced irrigation system professionals for your installation.

For a streamlined irrigation system installation, turn to the irrigation design specialists at W.P. Law, Inc. We bring years of experience to your project and use only top-quality equipment and materials. Connect with W.P. Law, Inc. online now to schedule services and receive recommendations.

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