Dos and Don’t When Preparing Your Lawn for Spring

Lush green spring lawn with blooming trees along the side of a house.

It’s time to start thinking about spring and how you can get your lawn ready for the season.  Taking the proper steps and avoiding mistakes will ensure your yard is spring-ready—green, lush, and healthy.

Spring Lawn Care Dos

  • Make sure your lawn gets enough water each week—either through rainfall or irrigation methods.  Hint: Spring temperatures are cooler than summertime temperatures.  Therefore, adjust irrigation duration accordingly.  Reserve the 1-1.5″ per week water requirements for the high heat of summer.
  • Rake away any leaves left-over from the fall and winter.  Leaves, sticks, and debris can prevent your lawn from soaking up the sunshine it needs to stay healthy.
  • Test your soil to identify the nutrients it requires to thrive in the spring.

Spring Lawn Care Don’ts

  • Avoid cutting the lawn too short, which can negatively impact the crucial root support during the springtime.
  • Don’t schedule pest control or sprays in the spring unless absolutely necessary.
  • Avoid fertilizing our southern grasses with nitrogen-based fertilizers until the turf is actively growing.

Put Your Home’s Lawn in Expert Hands

Set your lawn up for success this spring.  Turn to the experienced lawn care professionals at W.P. Law, Inc.  We know precisely how to care for your yard.  We provide the proper watering schedules, fertilizer applications, mowing heights, and more.  No matter the grass type you have on your property, the W.P. Law team is ready to help it thrive this season and beyond.

Contact W.P. Law today to join our fertilizer program, which provides timely product application reminders.

3 Benefits a Fountain Has on Your Community

An apartment community with a pond and fountain.

As an organization or municipality debates enhancements to the community, a new fountain is an excellent consideration.  There are many different ways you can invest in your community.  Installing a water feature that will delight your residents is an easy and cost-effective way to make a positive impact.  Discover three benefits a new fountain will have on your community:

#1: An Opportunity to Experience Nature

In today’s busy, fast-paced world, people spend less time in the great outdoors.  Incorporating a community fountain will provide a way for your residents to get outside and experience nature in a meaningful way.  In addition, the sights and sounds of a fountain will give citizens a nature-based sensory experience that makes a positive impact.

#2: A Place to De-Stress

Few things are as soothing as a fountain.  The gurgling water and ripples create a peaceful ambiance ideal for quiet moments of meditation or reflection.  In this way, adding a water feature in your community will contribute to the health and wellness of your citizens.

#3: A Feeling of Pride for the Community

Boosting community morale is an essential task for any municipality or community organization.  A water feature can be a tool that facilitates pride in your community.  In addition, the architectural beauty of a custom fountain can enhance any space—from city parks to public building landscapes.

Turn to the Fountain Experts at W.P. Law

At W.P. Law, Inc., you’ll find that we have a division of employees dedicated to bringing your community fountain vision to life.  This division specializes in water features—from design and construction to maintenance and repair.  Contact W.P. Law today to learn more about the benefits a fountain can have on your community or schedule services.

Is It Time to Replace or Repair Your Pump System?

WP Law's Series I pump station.

When your pump system isn’t operating optimally, you may wonder if you should replace it or if a pump repair is good enough.  A pump repaired professionally may give you a few more years of operational use.  However, in some cases, a new pump system will save you money in the long run.  Keep reading to learn how to know if pump replacement or pump repair is your best option.

When Is Pump System Repair Enough?

If your pump is 15 years old or younger, pump repair may be sufficient to get it back in optimal working condition.  First, find a qualified team to test and inspect your pump to identify the problem.  They will tell you if a repair is possible and how much the repair service will cost.

When Should You Invest in Pump Replacement?

If your pump has repeated leaks, reduced operational performance, and is more than 15 years old, investing in a pump replacement may be the best option.  In some cases, an older pump model may have parts that are no longer available, making it impossible to repair.  Plus, if you have to pay for continual repairs, purchasing a newer model will save you money over time.

Let W.P. Law Provide the Pump Services You Need

The team at W.P. Law can provide the testing and inspection necessary to help you make the best decision for your fluid-handling pump system.  In addition, we have a full-service shop with top-of-the-line equipment and tools to repair all types of pumps.

Whether you need professional pump repair or a pump system replacement, turn to the expert team at W.P. Law, Inc. to get the trusted services you need.  Contact W.P. Law to get started.

3 Ways to Show Your Outdoor Living Space Some Love This Valentine’s Day

Outdoor living space with built-in grill and wicker furniture.

While Valentine’s Day may not be the time you typically consider your outdoor living space, maybe it should be!  After all, now is a great time to get the space ready to enjoy as the temperatures warm up in the coming weeks and months.  You can also make some changes to your space that help you enjoy it all year long—even during the colder months of the year.  So keep reading for three ways to show your space some love this Valentine’s Day:

#1: Illuminate the Space with Landscape Lighting

By adding low-voltage landscape lighting to your outdoor living space, you can extend the use and functionality of the area.  The proper lighting will deliver ambiance and highlight your favorite features of the space—from the architectural design to landscaping.  Even if the days are shorter during the winter, landscape lighting can help you enjoy time outside—no matter how many daylight hours there are.

#2: Incorporate Water Features for a Soothing Ambiance

One way to transform the outdoor space into a serene, relaxing spot to unwind is by adding water features.  Pondless water features are quick and easy to install and maintain.  Not only do they give you an attractive focal point, but water features also add auditory enjoyment.  This gives you some peace after a stressful day.

#3: Add an Outdoor Kitchen That Makes You Swoon

For the ultimate outdoor living space upgrade, consider incorporating an outdoor kitchen.  Keep it simple with a built-in grill, or go big with a full gourmet kitchen and outdoor seating.  Whatever you decide, an outdoor kitchen will ensure you maximize the space and have a place you can enjoy with friends and family.

Turn to W.P. Law, Inc.’s creative team to learn more about how to enhance and transform your outdoor living space this Valentine’s Day.  Contact us to get started.

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