4 Tips for Winter Landscaping

A beautiful landscape is possible, even when it’s cold outside. Here are a few tips on how to make your yard stand out this winter.

You don’t have to sacrifice a gorgeous yard just because it’s not spring or summer. Winter landscaping can mean your yard stands out, even when everything isn’t green and blooming. Here are four tips for beautiful landscaping this winter.

Tip #1: Understand Your Planting Zone

Created by the USDA, Plant Hardiness Zones help determine what plants and trees will thrive in different areas of the country based on climate and temperature. Knowing your zone helps you plant things that will grow throughout the year. A good landscaping professional can help guide you on choosing the right things for your zone.

Tip #2: Don’t Stop Watering

Even when your yard appears dormant, it’s still growing and losing water. Winter water is an integral part of winter lawn care and can help your landscaping look great even during the colder months and stay healthy and strong year-round.

Tip #3: Plant for Winter Beauty

Trees such as crabapple and plants like holly look great in the winter because the fruit stays on the branches. Knowing what looks good in what season can help your yard stand out.

Tip #4: Install Landscape Lighting

One of the best ways to make your landscaping stand out in the winter is by including some landscape lighting. You can highlight what continues to thrive in the winter without emphasizing things that go dormant, such as your grass and flowers.

Winter lawn care can help your lawn and winter landscaping stand out, even when it’s cold outside. For the professional guidance you need to make your yard look great all year, contact the experienced team at W.P. Law, Inc.

Protecting Your Plants in the Winter – What You Need to Know

Winter plants

Even in South Carolina, where the climate is mild, protecting plants in the winter can help them make it through the cold months. Here’s what you need to know.

Add a Blanket of Mulch

Mulch acts like an insulating blanket year-round, but in the winter, it can protect your landscaping and plants from cold snaps and extreme temperatures. When the ground goes from warm to cold and back again, it can push up the soil, exposing the roots. Mulch can help keep the temperature of the root system consistent and protect it from the freeze-thaw cycle.

Keep Watering

It might seem counterintuitive to water in the winter when trying to protect your plants from the cold, but water can help guard against damage from the cold. Plants and trees, though dormant, lose a large amount of water in the winter. Winter watering can help them remain strong and resilient and protect them against the cold.

Bring Container Plants Indoors

Even plants designed for colder weather can suffer in the winter if they live in a container. Plants in the ground have added insulation from the soil around them, but container plants are more exposed to the temperatures. Bring them indoors for the winter, or at least during cold snaps and extreme temperature drops. If you can’t get them indoors, consider adding insulation around the pots to help prevent them from the shock of the cold.

Contact W.P. Law, Inc. today for help keeping your winter plants alive and thriving all year.

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