3 Costly Fertilizer Mistakes Damaging Your Lawn

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Homeowners know that one great way to take care of a healthy lawn is with fertilizer treatment. But can there be too much of a good thing? It’s true that not all fertilizer applications have a happy ending. Here are three costly mistakes that could damage your lawn.

#1: Too Much of a Good Thing

Sometimes when it comes to your lawn, less is more. Too much fertilizer can lead to the opposite of a healthy, lush lawn. If the application is too heavy, you’ll end up with burned roots, grass that is vulnerable to pests and disease, and you could even end up with dead spots where you were hoping for green ones. Use a light hand with fertilizer to avoid these issues.

#2: Missed Timing

An important factor in lawn care is proper timing with the nutrients found in fertilizer. Too close together, and you risk over-fertilizing. Too far apart, and your lawn won’t get the benefits. Be careful not to fertilize too early in the spring, either. Many a lawn has had lush, tender new growth damaged by a late frost. It is usually best not to fertilize warm season grasses until the night time temperature is 70 degrees.

#3: Trying to DIY It

Landscaping professionals are pros for a reason – they have the knowledge and experience to manage lawn care and get optimum results. When it comes to fertilizer and other lawn treatments, they know what works, what doesn’t, and your specific grass and soil needs. Handing it over to the experts is one way to avoid costly fertilizer issues.

If you’re ready to have the greenest grass on the block, trust your lawn care to the team at W.P. Law, Incorporated by contacting them today.

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