3 Fascinating Facts About Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation Is a Gardening Game-Changer.

3 Fascinating Facts About Drip Irrigation

Are you tired of standing in your hot yard and wasting time on an uneconomical watering system? Drip irrigation takes water straight to the source and is one of the most efficient ways to tend your garden.

When it comes to making a decision about which irrigation system to use for your garden

1. Drip irrigation saves you time and money. Sprinkler systems often fail to provide water at a level that can be successfully absorbed by garden soil. While sprinklers may work well enough for lawns or yards, a drip system can access the garden and nourish your plants. This simplified technique saves water, which minimizes your utilities bill each month. It also requires no active supervision.

2. Less is More. This is the secret to good absorption rates. Drip tubing/tape should be kept at a steady water pressure level, but never set them high enough to openly spray. This kind of water distribution can make the soil uneven and defeat the purpose of the system. Also avoid sloped or hilly ground because the runoff will pool unevenly.

3. Spacing and Timing Matter. As with any watering system, timing is essential. But especially with drip irrigation, the spacing of each drip line determines the allocation of water in your garden. Check the absorption rate of your soil and adjust the frequency accordingly.

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