3 Fun Facts About Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting Facts

3 Fun Facts About Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is not just about lighting a path in your garden. There are many fun things that you can do with landscape lighting that will enhance the look of your landscape.

1. It’s easy to change the color (and the results are worth it!):

Holidays are the first thing that pops into my mind when we are talking about changing the color of lighting. Simple fixes can dramatically change the look of your yard during a holiday. Halloween is the next big holiday. Imagine the effects that could be made by changing the color of some or all of your outdoor lights to green and then adding in small containers of dry ice. The lighting effect would be captured by the fog created by the dry ice, and your yard becomes creepy! Be creative.

2. You can put them under water:

With a submersible light, you can easily add a light to your pond or fountain and create a subdued light source that is pleasant and pleasing to the eye. This is a trick that can also be used to draw attention to a water feature.

3. You can get smart lights that know where you are:

Motion sensor lights are also a fun effect for pathways and sitting areas. Maybe you don’t want the lights on all the time, but motion sensor lights know when you are there and turn on automatically. Helps to save electricity and provides a convenience.

Landscape lighting is an easy to add feature that can cause positively dramatic effects to your yard. They are practical, and they can also be fun.

Add landscape lighting to your yard with the help of WP Law. Our experts can find the best lighting brands to fit your yard’s needs.

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