3 Reasons To Test Soil Before Choosing The Right Grass For Your Lawn

A lush green lawn with a tree and sprinklers running.

Are you wondering if you should test your property’s soil before selecting the grass for your lawn?  Good thinking!  Here are three reasons testing the soil is crucial.

While many people think dirt is dirt, that’s not exactly accurate—testing soil will show you that lawn soils on different properties are unique.  In fact, taking steps to test your yard’s soil before choosing which grass seed to plant is one way you can set your new lawn up for success.  Keep reading to learn the three reasons you should test your soil now before going out to buy new grass.

#1: Choose a Grass Type that Will Flourish

A basic soil test can tell you pH and plant nutrient levels.  Some soil tests can also provide information like the soil textural class and percentages of organic matter.  All of this information will help you choose your grass wisely.  For example, some turfgrasses do best in soil with a pH balance between 6 – 7.0.  

#2: Know Which Fertilizer Your New Grass Will Need

Once you know information like pH, and levels of nutrients like phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen, magnesium, and calcium, you’ll know what kind of fertilizer and how much to use.  This can save you a lot of money each year because you won’t be wasting fertilizer by using too much or the wrong type.

#3: Avoid Lawn Failure

Ultimately, testing your soil before planting grass will help you prevent a failed lawn that doesn’t perform well.  No one wants to invest time and money into a yard, only for it to look sparse and patchy.  By conducting a soil test, you can increase your odds of having the beautiful, lush lawn you desire.

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