3 Signs You Are Losing Money Due to a Hidden Irrigation Leak

We use irrigation systems today to keep our lawns, gardens, and other grassy areas looking good without the hassle of having to water it every day. Sometimes though, there may be issues with your irrigation system that you may not even be aware of, due to most of the system’s components being hidden underground. Here are some indications that you may have a hidden irrigation leak that is costing you money:

Signs Your Irrigation System is Leaking

  1. Your Lawn is Dying – Seeing dry, brown spots of grass is a certain indication that it is not getting enough water. There may be a loss of water to those areas due to reduced water pressure in your irrigation system. Getting too much water due to a leak is also an issue, which can kill root tissue.
  2. Soggy Patches – Leaks in your irrigation systems can leave soggy wet spots on your lawn. If you see areas that are consistently wet and/or feel soft and muddy when you walk on it, this typically indicates a problem with the irrigation system.
  3. Higher Water Bills – Often, the first sign of an irrigation system leak is a water bill that is higher than usual. Look at your water meter and if it is constantly turning, and all other leak sources such as washing machines, toilet, and sinks are working properly, this is a good indication your irrigation system is the problem.
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