3 Signs your building needs its existing piping upgraded

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Commercial plumbing woes can be costly problems that might have been avoided with the proper pipe maintenance program. Building age, a shifting or settling foundation, outdated or low-quality materials, and general wear-and-tear can cause major piping issues. To determine if your existing piping system should be replaced, we have gathered together the top three signs that it is time to say goodbye to your building’s piping system.

3 Warning Signs That The Time To Your Replace Commercial Piping System Is Now

Are you constantly repairing some aspect of your commercial piping system? Below are three signs that you should say “goodbye” to your costly repair and maintenance efforts, and, instead, say “hello” to a new commercial piping system.

Sign 1) Faucet and Fixture Leaks Occur on a Weekly Basis.

When the doctor’s office leasing your building’s fifth floor fills out a maintenance request for a “leaky faucet” every week, it is time to explore replacing your existing piping system. Did you know that leaking fixtures and faucets can waste up to 3,000 gallons of water each year? These costly leaks are usually caused by worn out gaskets or other sealing mechanism failures. If left unattended they can destroy the surrounding area and potentially cause structural damage.

Sign 2) Water Temperature Issues.

Does the water spike between “boiling” hot to “freezing” cold? If so, then your building’s water heater might be on its way out. Commercial water heaters need to be maintained and replaced on a regular basis. Failing to do so could cause your water heater to leak, or worse, explode!

Sign 3) Clogged Toilets and Drains.

Slow draining is typically the first sign that there is a clog in your piping system. Be on the lookout for toilets that require constant plunging; while backups are something that you never want to experience, they are a good warning sign for more serious piping issues. You should also be on the lookout for clogged drains, which can cause more extensive water damage.

Did you know that your pipes, fixtures, and toilets can silently leak throughout the day? Each year, your inefficient piping system might be wasting thousands of gallons of water, which equates to thousands of wasted dollars on your commercial water bill. To avoid these costly expenditures, make sure that any commercial piping and maintenance repairs are completed professionally and on time. When the time is right to replace your piping system, be sure to call the experts at W.P. Law, Inc. for help selecting your new commercial piping system. Since 1970 W.P. Law has been helping commercial buildings choose the best piping solutions to meet their needs.

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