3 Things to Know About Pump Stations


The right pump station makes all of the difference for industrial and municipal operations. Pump stations are also vital components in wastewater and sewage applications.

Understanding the basics about pump stations can provide you insights for better decisions when it is time to upgrade or modify a system. Concepts such as design considerations, maintenance, and parts availability will also factor into your decision. Here are three of the most important characteristics to consider about your pump station.

  • Automation – The possibilities for pump station automation are numerous. Most pump stations, depending upon the application, will be designed to be turned on and off by system conditions such as pressure, flow, the level of a fluid in a reservoir, or possibly a combination of these. These conditions can now be monitored through the use of cell phone, or web based technologies that allow for remote monitoring and control. The degree of system automation is a major consideration when looking to purchase or upgrade a pump station.
  • Design Considerations – The basic design considerations on any pump station begin with questions about required capacity (flow rate) and pressure (psi). Other considerations such as where the pump station will be located, the type of fluid being pumped, the temperature of the fluid being pumped, and power availability will all contribute to the proper design of a pump station for a particular application.
  • Maintenance – All pump stations require some regular maintenance and most will at some time in their useful life also require repair. Maintenance and repair considerations need to be made at the time of purchase and they contribute to the overall cost of owning and operating a pump station. If the pump station is in a critical application that cannot afford any significant down time, then the owner needs to consider the cost of keeping replacement parts on hand, especially if the pump manufacturer has a long lead time on parts or replacement pumps. This is often an overlooked consideration when purchasing a pump station.

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