3 Tips For Keeping Your Grass Healthy

Overhead view of kids lying on a healthy green lawn, looking up at the sky.

As a property owner, it can feel like a continual struggle to keep your lawn’s grass healthy. How often should you mow? How much water does your lawn need? It’s common to have a lot of questions. If this is the year you are committed to achieving a lush, green lawn, we have three tips to help you achieve your goal.

Tip #1: Mow Regularly

During the spring and summer, experts recommend that you mow your grass at least once per week. Did you know the time of day you mow matters? Mowing in the early evening hours can help your lawn maintain moisture.

Tip #2: Use an Irrigation System

One of the trickiest aspects of facilitating a beautiful, healthy lawn is getting the watering task just right. However, with the proper irrigation system design and installation, you can avoid trial and error and have an automated watering system that makes giving your grass the water it needs easy. Plus, an irrigation system offers benefits, including not spending hours outside each week watering the lawn and improved water conservation.

Tip #3: Join a Fertilizer Program

Are you tired of scratching your head over which kind and how much fertilizer to apply to your grass? At W.P. Law, Inc., we have a Fertilizer Program that takes the guesswork out of the process. Choose the type of grass you have on your lawn, and then get a customized fertilization and weed prevention schedule.

If you have other questions about keeping your grass healthy or want to take advantage of our professional irrigation system design or other lawn care and landscaping services, contact W.P. Law today.

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