3 Tips for Preserving Your Submersible Well Pump

3 Tips for Preserving Your Submersible Well Pump

Water is necessary for all living things; however, it can have a damaging impact on mechanical equipment.  Below, we have listed three tips for preserving your submersible well pump to ensure it runs efficiently for the lifetime of the pump.

1. Prevent multiple starts- You can extend the life of your well pump by preventing the number of multiple start-ups, also called short cycling.  It is better to allow the pump to turn on and stay running continuously instead of having the pump turn on and off frequently.  Frequent starting and shopping can cause the windings in the motor to overheat causing the motor will wear out faster than it should.

2. Pressure Switch – Frequently check and clean the pressure switch.  The switch can become easily corroded and packed with small ants and bugs.  Regular maintenance performed on the switch will prevent replacement.  A good water pressure to adjust the switch to should be between 40-60 psi.

3. Bladder Tank – Checking the air pressure in the bladder tank is something that is frequently overlooked by well owners, mostly because people simply do not know to include this as a part of their regular maintenance.  The air pressure in the bladder tank should be checked every year.  To perform the check, fist turn off all power to the submersible well pump.  Allow the water to drain by running the faucet.  Then, by using a tire gauge, check the air pressure at the top of the bladder tank located by the air nipple.  A good air pressure should be about 38 psi (or 2 psi below the cut-in pressure).  

Above we have detailed three easy ways to prolong the life of your submersible well pump through regular preventative maintenance and inspection.  If ever you have a question or need an option on your submersible well pump, the experts at W. P. Law, Inc will be sure to help. 

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