3 Ways to Prepare Your Backyard for Outdoor Entertaining

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It’s Spring, and summer is right around the corner, which means it’s time to move the party outside. Here are three ways to prepare your backyard for outdoor entertaining.

#1: Mow the Grass

Mowing the grass seems like a no-brainer, but a freshly cut lawn is a beautiful backdrop for a summer gathering. Even if your landscaping doesn’t have all its leaves and blooms out for summer, having a clean-cut lawn makes everything look nicer. And it makes for a perfect space for kids and adults to play yard games.

#2: Check the Lighting

If you have landscape lighting, ensure all the fixtures and bulbs work. Reset any that moved or got reset during the winter months. If you don’t have lighting, consider adding it this Spring. This will complete your backyard living space by highlighting landscaping or the architecture of your home. Plus, it adds safety by lighting the areas where people walk and extending the usable space.

#3: Clean Up the Grilling Area

Clean your grill and tidy up around the grilling area. Sweep up the winter grass, leaves, and dirt, and get the grill clean and ready for cooking. Are you tired of your old run-down grill? Consider an upgrade to an outdoor kitchen. The proper setup can make cooking outdoors year-round easier and everything about grilling more convenient.

In South Carolina, we are lucky to be able to spend time outdoors nearly all year long. But the entertaining outdoors kicks in when the weather warms up in the Spring. So ensure your backyard is ready with all the outdoor living features you want to make your party the best on the block. Contact the leaders in outdoor living at W.P. Law, Inc, to learn how they can help extend your living space with backyard ideas. These include professional landscaping and lighting, outdoor kitchens, and water features.

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