3 Ways Using an Irrigation Timer Can Get You a Better Lawn

Irrigation Timer – When is the best time to water your lawnThe right irrigation timer can make short work of your lawn maintenance.

3 Ways Using an Irrigation Timer Can Get You a Better Lawn
Lawn care and maintenance is a science. Or is it an art? Either way, there’s a lot of information about what landscape products to use as well as secret tricks to improving the efficiency of your maintenance systems.

One of the most obvious ways to simplify this process is to make it a more hands-off experience. That’s where irrigation timers come in.

1. Timekeeping.
Irrigation is a critical factor in maintaining a healthy, happy lawn. A basic rule of plants is that they need water and they need it regularly. Most of us have pretty busy lives, and devoting time to a personal watering schedule isn’t always an option. Timers can guarantee that your lawn gets attention even when you aren’t there to give it.

2. Saturation.
It’s not enough just to water your lawn. Wetting down the blades of grass or misting the leaves of your new garden is sure to send these plans to an early grave. Irrigation systems will soak into the soil and nourish your lawn, providing a consistent level saturation every week.

3. Customizability.
Another popular bone of contention in the watering world is the idea that when you water matters. Watering during the hottest part of the day decreases absorption and compromises the efficiency of your watering system. Irrigation timers eliminate this problem by providing a customizable activation setting.

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