4 Do’s & Don’ts of Summer Landscaping


Summertime is prime time for residential landscaping. It’s when everyone wants to spend time outside enjoying their backyards and outdoor living spaces. How does your landscaping look this year? Take a look at four dos and don’ts of summer landscaping to make your lawn and garden look their best.

#1: Do Mow Regularly

Mowing regularly is an important way to keep your grass healthy and the roots strong. It also encourages new growth and helps it absorb more moisture.

#2: Don’t Cut the Grass Too Short

Cutting your lawn too short can damage the root system, and it can lead to your grass burning. It also weakens the grass stems and makes them more susceptible to disease and your lawn open to weed growth.

#2: Do Fertilize Your Lawn and Garden

Your lawn and garden need nutrients to grow and thrive. They can get what they need from the right soil, but most of the time, they need a little help. Fertilizing your grass, shrubs, trees, and flowers helps them grow strong and healthy and fight disease and pests.

#2: Don’t Buy the Cheapest Fertilizer on the Shelf

Cheap fertilizer is going to have sub-par ingredients. What you want is a quality product that contains slow-release nitrogen. Make sure it’s just fertilizer and doesn’t contain weed or bug killer. You want to keep your landscaping treatments separate to avoid issues and to get the best results.

Everyone wants a great looking backyard, especially in the summer. For the best in lawn care products and landscaping services, contact the pros at W.P. Law, Inc. today.

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