4 Tips To Find An Energy Efficient Pump


When selecting a pump for your agricultural, industrial, or residential irrigation needs the details matter. Today, it is more important than ever to focus on an energy efficient solution to your pumping needs. There are solutions available to fit just about any application. So before you head out to buy a new pump take these tips into consideration.

#1: Get the fitting just right

A common mistake when it comes to pump installation is choosing one that will “probably do the job.” Instead, invest the time to ensure you have a pump that fits your specific application. It sounds simplistic, but choosing a pump that is properly selected and sized for your application, will help to naturally reduce the amount of energy required to operate it.

#2: Consider other system components

The pump might be the heart of the system, but other components in the piping system have an effect on the pump size and operation. Improperly sized components such as piping, control valves, and suction strainers can create high friction loss values that require a larger pump. Of course a larger pump means higher energy costs. Having properly sized system components can mean big savings over the life of the system.

#3: Compare features

One common misconception is that all pumps are created equal. Many customers mistakenly assume that one 5 horsepower pump is as good as any other 5 horsepower pump. Not true. There can be a wide range of pumping efficiencies between pump models and manufacturers. The type of pump you select can also have an impact on the pumping efficiencies.

#4: Don’t over buy

Bigger is not always better. A pump that is properly sized for your application is always best. However, if you know your system will be expanding in the near future this can be taken into account in the initial sizing process. Control accessories such as a variable frequency drive (VFD) can be used to run the pump at a more efficient operating point on the pump curve. VFD’s are also useful at controlling energy costs when the system has a wide range of flow and pressure requirements.

The good news is you don’t have to go it alone. With the help of the team at W. P. Law, Inc. you can find an energy efficient pump designed just for your application. Let us help you today.

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