4 Ways a Drip Irrigation System Can Help You and Your Crops  

Crop Irrigation

Fall can bring extreme temperatures, with blazing heat one day and chilly mornings on other days. This can be difficult on crops, especially those with shallow roots. Fall is prime season for plants to establish roots. The best way to promote root growth is with a good irrigation system.

Why Use a Drip Irrigation System in the Fall?

  • Promote root growth: Especially with new plants such as winter vegetables and cover crops, root growth is essential for surviving the winter’s cold. Use the drip irrigation system to boost your crop for the fall.
  • Save water: In the fall you don’t have to worry as much about water evaporation. With regular intervals of watering, you can maximize water usage on your land, keeping your crop growing well into the cold season.
  • Adjust to the changing weather: On cooler days you can use less water and use more water on warmer days. Use a little mulch to help the water stay in the soil so you can have more time between water applications.
  • Save money: When you use less water in the fall, not only are you conserving an important natural resource, but you are also saving on your water bill and increasing your overall profits.

A drip irrigation system can save you time and money. If you would like to know more how you can improve the water usage on your farm or small-scale garden, call us today.

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