5 Lawn Care Tips for Yard of the Month

Yard of the month
Yard of the month

Are you worried about your chances of having the yard of the month? Getting your lawn and garden looking their best this time of year can be a struggle. The weather is hot, life is busy, and the last thing you want to do is spend endless hours working on lawn care. The good news is that a beautiful lawn does not have to be backbreaking work. We’ve got you covered with these five lawn care tips that will have the neighbors trying to keep up.

Tip #1: Dethatching for Better Growth

Hand-held and power rakes are the essential tools for dethatching, which involves removing the dead grass and leaves from the top of the dirt under your lawn that builds up during the winter. Some thatch is good for your lawn, but too much of it prevents sunlight and nutrients from reaching the roots of the grass. Dethatching lets fertilizer, sun, water, and oxygen reach your grass for a healthier lawn.

Tip #2: Aerate in the Spring

Aeration every spring helps loosen up compacted soil where your grass grows. When the dirt gets too packed, it’s difficult for oxygen, nutrients, water, and fertilizer to reach the roots. Aeration opens the soil, allowing rapid and effective absorption instead of washing away.

Tip #3: Use the Right Fertilizer and Weed Prevention Products

Weeds can choke out the grass in an otherwise healthy lawn, hindering growth and leaving you with a less-than-award-worthy yard. Weed prevention can seem like a constant battle, but the right products are easy to apply, safe, and effective. Talk to your local landscape professional for tips about the right product and application for your grass type.

Tip #4: Keep on Mowing

One of the worst things you can do for your lawn is forgo mowing. Regular mowing ensures healthy grass that’s not so long it blocks the roots from getting sun but not so short that it damages the roots or burns in the summer heat. It’s essential to mow when the grass is dry and try to use the two-inch rule – when the grass is at least two inches tall, it’s okay to mow.

Tip #5: Overseeding Builds a Lush Lawn

Overseeding is spreading grass seed on an existing lawn without tilling the soil. Whether your lawn has patchy grass or not, overseeding is a great way to build a lush lawn and fill in any spots that are sparse or need some filler. Of course, you will need to do some soil prep and pay attention to the watering schedule to ensure it doesn’t dry out, but overseeding will help you have a fuller, greener lawn.

Tip #5: Add Some Outdoor Living Features

Now that you know how to make the grass look stellar, it’s time to bump up the outdoor living appeal to help push for the yard of the month. Have you considered adding a pond or water feature? What about landscape lighting or an outdoor kitchen? When your grass and garden look amazing, you want to enjoy them as much as possible. Adding some outdoor living features can make it more comfortable and enjoyable to be outside all summer and extend your indoor living space into the great outdoors.

Lawn care tips are just part of what can make your yard qualify for best on the block. When you’re ready to make it the best it can be, use the tips above, and consider calling in the pros for backup. Contact the W.P. Law, Inc. team for advice on outdoor living and the professionals to get your outdoor space ready for summer.

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