5 Most Popular Materials Used in Residential Fountains

What are the 5 most popular materials used in residential fountains?

most popular materials used in residential fountains 

In addition to the pump, pipes, and fittings needed to move the water, a residential fountain or water feature is going to be made of something that is beautiful to the homeowner. This means there’s a choice of waterproof materials used to create your own version of paradise.

Here are five of the most popular materials used in residential fountains:
• Stone – from a natural jumbled pile to formal elegance
• Cast stone/resin – this can look like almost anything!
• Copper in different finishes – if you want it to stay shiny, have it sealed. Otherwise it will develop the patina that many prefer.
• Ceramic – again, this can be tile or pottery or almost anything.
• Glass or acrylic – often a sheet that the water flows over, this becomes invisible unless an etching is part of the design.

There’s a lot to choose from! How do you decide? Talk to an expert… because a fountain will be a feature of your outdoor living space for a long time.

Bill & Dorothy Law started an irrigation and pumping equipment business in 1970 that has become one of the top distributors in South Carolina. Since fountains are essentially a pump and pipes moving water continually, residential fountains are a subject W.P. Law, Inc. knows well.

W.P. Law, Inc.
can show you the pros and cons of each type of material, give you design advice, and provide all the pieces if you want to do it yourself. If you’d rather they put it together, they can do it.

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