5 Steps to Prevent Damage to Your Irrigation System during Winter

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Winterizing irrigation systems using the manual drain valve method

Irrigation systems are prone to damage in harsh winter weather. By taking the necessary steps to protect your system during freezing temperatures, you will prevent costly damage, and will be assured your system will be ready when you need it.
If your system was installed correctly with the drain valve at the lowest point of the system mainline, you’ll be able to drain the water from the system using the manual drain valve method.

Here are five steps to winterizing your system using the manual drain valve method:

1. Shut off the system:
Turn off the irrigation system at the main valve.

2. Open valves:
Open one of the system’s valves to release the pressure on the system’s mainline.

3. Open the manual drain:
Open the manual drain valve slowly.

4. Repeat the process:
Repeat the process on each drain valve on the system.

5. Drain valves:
Once all the water is removed, you should leave the valves open.

By taking a proactive approach to protecting your irrigation system, your system will be ready to go when spring arrives.

For more information about winterizing your irrigation system this winter, contact the irrigation specialists at W. P. Law, Inc.

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