7 Ways To Reuse Wastewater In Your Facility

As the demand for clean water rises with growing populations, industrial facilities are seeking new ways to use this valuable resource. Did you know that recycling wastewater is an innovative resource with financial savings? Reclaimed water offers a number of benefits and costs less to produce than treating water for drinking. See how your facility can experience these benefits below.


1. Industrial Use


Reclaimed wastewater can directly benefit industrial plants in several ways, such as reuse for cooling, boiler feed, and industrial processes.


2. Toilet Flushing


Though odd sounding at first, reclaimed wastewater for toilets is a growing trend in public restrooms and high-rise buildings across the United States. Evidence shows that reclaimed toilet water offers significant financial savings. Industrial plants may also benefit from this in their own restrooms.


3. Landscape and Agricultural Irrigation


The nutrient content in recycled wastewater can be very beneficial for landscaping and agriculture. You may not even need to use as many fertilizer treatments. Consider using this valuable resource to irrigate any landscaping around your industrial plant or commercial development. This simple method of wastewater use cuts costs and helps the environment.


4. Revenue


Recycled wastewater can also be used to generate revenue. Industrial plants can transform sewage into a commodity that can be used or sold to other facilities, such as public parks and agricultural institutions.

5. Create and Enhance Wetlands

Did you know that recycled wastewater can reinforce sensitive wetland ecosystems? It’s true! Supplementing wetlands with recycled water is an excellent way to manage wastewater effluent without harming the environment. Several towns in the United States, such as Incline Village, Nevada, have done this with success. This creative use of wastewater also aids wildlife and educates communities.

6. Golf Course Irrigation

Providing recycled wastewater to golf courses solves common environmental problems in the golfing industry, such as drought. This practice has been used for decades and some golf courses use recycled water for all of their irrigation.

7. Artificial Lakes

Industrial plants can recycle excess wastewater and use it to create artificial lakes. Several existing artificial lakes benefit the environment and have become homes for thousands of wildlife species. Recycled wastewater can also replenish groundwater reservoirs and prevent saltwater intrusion.

Curious to learn how recycled wastewater can benefit your industrial plant? W.P. Law can help. Our skilled fluid handling professionals specialize in saving energy and reducing costs for your success.

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