3 Tips for Adding to Your Existing Drip Irrigation System


One of the best parts of being an avid gardener is finding that perfect perennial or adding to existing vegetable beds. In many cases, that means either watering by hand or adding to an existing system. Drip irrigation systems allow people with a green thumb to simply turn a spigot and appropriately hydrate plants. They also provide excellent flexibility to grow with your gardens.

These are some tips for adding on to an existing drip irrigation system that will help improve plant health and increase your leisure time.

Consider Watering Zones

Running water from one source means that your system may suffer pressure loss at it grows. One of the keys to a productive drip irrigation system is separating the system by zones. This can be accomplished by strategically installing control valves. When control valves are in the off position, water pressure will be heightened in the areas in play. Control valves can be manual or automated, depending on your needs. Many homeowners prefer automation because they account for human forgetfulness.

Consider Mini Sprinklers

Drip irrigation systems do not have to be cookie cutter. Sometimes hard to reach areas call for water to be projected a short distance. Consider additional conveniences such as mini sprinklers to maximize the benefit of your drip irrigation system. The alternative is regular watering by hand.

Consider Shade And Full-Sun Areas

When developing a plan for your drip irrigation system, consider that specific plants and areas will have varying hydration needs. Avoid over-watering shaded areas and under-watering full-sun plants. This may be accomplished by the number of emitters on a particular line or control valve automation. A healthy garden is one that gets what it needs, and no more.

We hope these drip irrigation tips prove helpful. If you would like to install a drip irrigation system or update an existing one, contact the professionals at W.P. Law for a consultation.

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