Advantages of Using Multi-Port Valve Blocks

Multi-port valve block

Multi-port or 3-way ball valves are found in a variety of fluid handling applications in wide range of industries. Multi-port valves are found in chemical and plating operations, the food and beverage industry, and in waste water treatment facilities just to name a few. These valves can be used in draining, cleaning, feeding, and distribution applications. The benefits of these products include a greatly simplified distribution system and reduced risk of leaks.

Applications and configurations

Multi-port ball valves are typically used in industrial fluid distribution applications. They can be used to mix two different fluids or to divert the flow of fluid from one direction to another. Other applications include use as sampling valves and drainage valves. The ball design in a multi-port ball valve usually has one of two common configurations, the “L” port or the “T” port. Some manufacturers such as Hayward Flow Control have as many as four ball configurations.

Multi-port valves can be equipped with a variety of features:

  • Electric or pneumatic actuation
  • Position indicators
  • Lockout/tag out capability
  • Multiple ball configurations
  • Multiple material of construction options

These are just some of the many advantages of multi-port valves. Contact us today for more information.

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