Agriculture Irrigation Systems – Protect Your Crops from Frost Damage

agriculture irrigation systems

How to prevent frost damage using agriculture irrigation systems

The damage that is done to crops every year during late periods of cold weather is a big concern for growers. Late spring freezes and cold temperatures can severely damage crops. As a result, growers suffer the loss of crops and consumers suffer at the checkout by having to pay higher prices.

In many cases, damage from frost can be prevented by using overhead agriculture irrigation systems during the frost period.

As the water freezes on the crops, latent heat gets released and keeps the plant’s temperature from dropping below freezing, and protects it from damage. You should continue to irrigate the crops until the sun rises and warms the ground. When the temperatures go above freezing, and the ice begins to melt, you can stop irrigation.

It’s important to note that if the wind is blowing over 15 mph, then irrigation will not fully protect the crops. There are many methods for growers to protect their crops during frost, irrigation is one of the best.

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