Am I Damaging My Fountain By Dyeing It Green This St. Patrick’s Day?

A large outdoor fountain at night with green color water streams.

Thinking about going green with your fountain to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year?  Know the risks before you pull out the green dye!

It’s a popular trend to add green dye to fountains in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, but could you be damaging your fountain by dyeing it green?  Get the facts before you go green this holiday to ensure you protect your fountain.

How Do People Color their Fountain Water Green and Other Colors?

In most cases, fountain owners use food coloring to dye the water in their fountains.  Whether it’s pink for Valentine’s Day or green for St. Patrick’s Day, the colored water adds a festive touch to ring in the holiday.  But suppose this is your first time attempting colored water.  In that case, you may have some reservations about the dye damaging your fountain.

Possible Side Effects of Using Green Dye in Your Fountain

Before you add dye to your fountain, here are some side effects you might notice:

  • Stained fountain surface—yes, even cement can stain with too much dye exposure.
  • Corrosion of the fountain features
  • Damage to plants in the fountain
  • Problems with the fountain pump’s internal components, especially when using thick or acidic oil-based food dyes

How to Avoid Damage When Dyeing a Fountain’s Water Green

Avoid using oil-based watercolor, which can be too thick or acidic and lead to corrosion of the fountain parts.  It can also cause blobs in the water, which look unappealing and cause clogs.

Using a green, water-soluble food color is your best option to get a lovely shade of green in your fountain’s water.  Still, it’s essential to know that you may end up coloring the surface of the fountain.

Are you looking for tips to protect and care for your property’s fountain?  Contact W.P. Law for fountain construction, design, and maintenance services for fountains and water features.

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