How Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs Can Help Save You Money and Add Value to Your Home

energy efficient light bulbs

Has the thought of outdoor lighting energy costs kept you from adding lights to your landscaping?  We’ve got some good news.  You can save money while enhancing your yard and outdoor living space and adding value to your home with energy-efficient light bulbs.

How Energy-Efficient Bulbs Save You Money

There are several energy-efficient bulbs, including halogen and LED, with LED being the most efficient.  The efficiency of light bulbs comes down to factors such as brightness (lumens), wattage, and life span.  The bulbs that last the longest also use the least energy.  They emit the lowest heat, have brightness equal to their incandescent counterpart, and require the lowest number of kilowatts to provide light.  When bulbs use less energy, you save money on your utility bills.  When they last longer, some between 10,000 and 50,000 hours, you also save money buying fewer bulbs.

How Landscape Lighting Adds Value to Your Home

Outdoor and landscape lighting can add value to your home in ways you might not have considered, including:

  • Adds curb appeal by highlighting the beautiful areas of your yard and garden and showing the size and lushness of your landscaping.
  • Shows off your home’s architecture with lighting that accentuates its features and creates focal points.
  • Increases safety and security by deterring break-ins, theft, and trespassing.
  • Creates an inviting ambiance for your lawn and patio, increasing your home’s usable living space.

If the energy costs of outdoor lighting energy usage have been the thing keeping you from investing in this value-adding feature, it’s time to reconsider.  Contact the experienced team at W.P. Law to learn more about how energy-efficient bulbs let you have the lighting you envision without breaking the bank.

Nothing Welcomes Customers Like an Eye-Catching Entrance. 4 Ways an Outdoor Fountain Will Enhance Your Company’s Presence

outdoor fountain

Everyone loves water fountains.  They draw people in like magnets, which is just one of the reasons it’s time to consider adding one outside your business.  We’ve got four more great reasons an outdoor fountain will enhance your company’s presence.

Reason #1: They Reduce Stress

Running water calms and reduces blood pressure, heart rate, and stress.  In addition, studies show that fountains often boost serotonin levels and increase energy and overall sense of well-being.

Reason #2: Cut Down on Noise Pollution

Along with stress reduction, fountains decrease noise pollution.  The running water provides ambient noise and helps drown out unwanted noise from surrounding traffic, construction, and other businesses.

Reason #3: Draw in Customers

An eye-catching entrance and attractive curb appeal draw people to a business, and nothing boosts the outdoor look and feel of your building, like outdoor water fountains.  From diners to shoppers, potential employees to guests, you’ll get more traffic into your facility with a fountain out front that pulls people in.

Reason #4: Stand Out from the Crowd

These days, every business tends to look like every other business.  Everyone is looking for a leg up, and water fountains could be just what you need.  But, that extra touch that sets you apart from the rest can mean the difference between a customer choosing you and the guy next door.

If you’re ready to enhance your company’s presence with an outdoor water fountain, look no further than the local experts in designing, constructing, and installing commercial water fountains.  Contact W.P. Law to find out more.

Fall is On the Way, and Your Yard Needs Attention. 6 Lawn Care Tips to Get Ready for the Fall Season

lawn care tips

Is your yard ready for cooler weather?  Winterization is essential for your grass and gardens to keep them healthy year-round.  We’ve got the fall lawn care tips you’ve been looking for to prepare for winter.  Here are the six that should go on your to-do list now.

#1: Keep it Short

A short mow late in the season before fall is beneficial and allows water and nutrients down into the soil.  Leaving the clippings can also help mulch and fertilize the grass before the winter.

#2: Get Out the Rake

Get out the rake when the fall leaves are off the trees and on your lawn.  Accumulated leaves block sunlight and remain wet for long periods of time.  These conditions can lead to fungus and other disease and insect problems in your lawn.

#3: Treat for Pests

Treating your lawn for pests is part of a good fall lawn care plan.  Some pesky bugs can live through a frost or freeze, so you want to ensure your grass is pest-free before winter hibernation.

#4: Don’t Stop Watering

Winter is not a time for sprinklers but fall sure is.  Don’t stop watering just because summer’s over.  You can cut back, but keeping your grass hydrated is critical for a healthy lawn come spring.

#5: Be Sure to Aerate

Aeration helps your grass get the nutrients, water, and oxygen it needs, and fall is the perfect time for it.  In addition, it loosens the soil while supporting healthy growth.

#6: Time to Fertilize

Even though the grass blades are dormant in the winter, the roots continue to grow.  Fertilizing with additional potassium in the fall gives them the nutrients and protection they need to survive the cold and return healthy and lush in the spring.

Fall is just around the corner, and your yard needs essential lawn care before it gets cold.  Contact the lawn care experts at W.P. Law now for all the fall lawn care tips to protect your grass.

Not All Industrial Fluid Handling Products are Created Equal. How W.P. Law Can Help You.

Does your facility require fluid handling systems? It’s often an integral part of an operation and must meet your needs while increasing efficiency and productivity. Take a look at how W.P. Law can help.

Providing Durability

The piping in your fluid handling systems must be durable and stable. Whether you need to move water, chemicals, gas, or food and beverage products, the design must withstand the pressure required to move the fluid and handle temperature fluctuations through the system.

Proper Fittings

Suppose the fittings on your pipes aren’t connected properly. In that case, you could face monumental losses, both financial and material, as well as the cleanup and damage. Therefore, ensuring tight pipe connections is critical to the success of your fluid handling solutions.

The Right Expansion Joints

Proper expansion joints allow the system to absorb temperature, vibration, and expansion and contraction differences. So, installing the proper expansion joints is essential.

Valve Timing

Knowing how to time valves for proper fluid control can make or break your system and its efficiency and effectiveness. W.P. Law understands how critical it is to incorporate correct valve timing in your design.

Matched Pumps

Matching the right pump for your fluid handling system is the best way to ensure the proper performance giving you the correct pressure and flow rate.. The wrong pump can lead to short and long-term issues, loss of productivity, and inefficient fluid handling.

Your facility must operate at peak performance, including your fluid handling systems. Therefore, ensuring those systems meet your expectations is our number one priority. For expert guidance on choosing the suitable systems, professional installation, and services you can rely on, contact W.P. Law, Inc. for all your fluid handling solutions.

This Low-Cost Home Improvement Will Add Value to Your Home. 4 Reasons to Consider Adding a Fountain to Your Yard.

Fountain in yard

Backyard water features are more than just a way to add an element of interest to your backyard. There are many great reasons to consider this upgrade to your landscaping. Here are four reasons to consider adding a fountain to your yard.

#1: Stress Reduction

In today’s hectic and chaotic world, everyone is busier and more stressed than ever. The sound of water reduces stress levels and can do so in just a few minutes. It lowers stress hormones and creates a relaxing, soothing environment to recoup and recover from your day, to spend time with family and friends, or just relax and read a book.

#2: Neighborhood Noise Reduction

Most of us live in neighborhoods near other homes and families, and even if you’re the best of friends, sometimes it’s nice to have a little noise reduction. A water feature acts like white noise, blocking out the sounds of traffic, kids, and noisy neighbors.

#3: User-Friendly

Old school backyard water features were often hard to maintain, labor-intensive, and not worth the time or money. But today’s professionally installed backyard fountains are low-maintenance, easy to care for, and safe.

If you’ve been dreaming of the gentle sounds of moving water to create an oasis and the perfect retreat in your garden or outdoor living space, you’ve come to the right place. Contact W.P. Law, Inc. today for expert design to make your landscape water feature ideas a reality.

The ABCs of Sprinkler Systems and How to Choose the Best Irrigation Solution for Your Lawn

Sprinkler System Watering Greenery Area.

Irrigation for your yard can be mind-boggling but choosing the irrigation system is essential to a healthy lawn and landscaping. So before you pull your hair out to sort it out, we’ve got the ABCs of sprinkler systems and how to choose the best one for your yard.

How Irrigation Systems Work

There are different types of irrigation systems for different needs, but most work on the same principle. Automatic systems work in zones based on the lawn size and a controller, turning the water on for the scheduled time. Then, the system allows water to flow through underground piping to provide irrigation to different parts of your lawn and landscaping.

A manual irrigation system involves manually operated valves or hand watering with hoses, nozzles, or sprinklers. While using these products tends to cost less than installing an automatic system, it requires significantly more time as you need to operate the equipment yourself.

Choosing the best

There are two primary types of irrigation systems for residential use – drip and sprinkler. Each has a different purpose, and some yards need one or the other, or often both.

Drip systems slowly deliver water to the yard through emitters that keep moisture levels even without needing high-pressure overhead spray. The water delivery to the surface of the soil is beneficial for certain plants, shrubs, trees, and flowers.

Sprinklers irrigate using water sprayed over a larger area, delivering more water in a shorter time. This method is best for irrigating lawns and larger expanses of grass. There are a variety of sprinkler heads available depending on the type of lawn and landscaping you have in your yard.

Whether you have a small yard that’s mostly garden and flowers or a massive lawn with miles of grass, choosing the best irrigation system will help it thrive. For guidance from the pros to make sure you choose the best solution for your lawn, contact the team at W.P. Law, Inc.

It’s Not Too Late to Add that Outdoor Grill You’ve Been Dreaming of… 3 Things to Consider Before You Buy

Asian man are cooking for a group of friends to eat barbecue

Are you dreaming of an outdoor kitchen where you can cook and gather and entertain your friends and family? Outdoor kitchens extend your living space, making your backyard the center of every gathering. If you’re working toward that goal with design and construction, it’s not too late to add the perfect grilling station. The best outdoor grills will take your kitchen to the next level. Here are three things to consider before you buy.

#1: Durability

One of the most important considerations when considering built-in grill ideas is durability. Even if your outdoor kitchen has a cover, you want your grill to stand up to the elements. Quality is critical when considering durability.

#2: Performance

A beautiful grill is nice, but performance is crucial. You want to choose a grill that can live up to your expectations regarding cooking, warming, grilling, and smoking. You know your cooking style best, so be sure to factor in the functionality you need to be the best outdoor chef you can be.

#3: Size

The best outdoor grills for one family might not be the best for another. Size is an essential consideration when choosing a grill for your outdoor kitchen – you want one that can accommodate your needs now and in the future.

If you’re ready to move forward with your outdoor kitchen design but are struggling with choosing suitable options, including the best outdoor grill, look to the pros for guidance. Reach out to W.P. Law, Inc. for help with every step of bringing your vision to life.

Which Type of Pump is Best for My Irrigation System?

irrigation pump

The latest irrigation system pumps are available in a broad range of designs to meet lawn care and agricultural irrigation needs. However, it can be challenging to identify the right water pump for your irrigation application. Professional irrigation system design will give you the best results, especially if you are just getting started with a new system. The experts can tailor the irrigation system so you can get precisely what you need to optimize your irrigation efforts.

The most common irrigation system pumps include:

  • Centrifugal—a centrifugal pump moves fluid through the transfer of rotational energy to an impeller. Centrifugal pumps are typically classified as either self-priming or straight centrifugal pumps.  Both types are common in irrigation applications with the self-priming being slightly more popular in lawn sprinkler applications.
  • Submersible—a submersible pump as its name implies is used in submerged applications such as pumping out of a well.  Both the pump (wet end) and the motor are both submerged in the liquid being pumped.  Submersible pumps are used in lawn sprinkler applications and large submersible pumps are often seen in agricultural irrigation applications.
  • Jet— The jet pump used along with a jet is used for deep or shallow wells. The jet pump can also be used to pump from lakes or ponds as a centrifugal pump.

Easiest Way to Choose the Best Water Pump for an Irrigation System

Online research may provide you with all the details about different pump types suitable for irrigation applications based on water requirements and elevation changes. But it can be overwhelming to wade through the information and arrive at your optimal choice.

At W.P. Law, Inc., we are happy to offer irrigation system pump suggestions to meet your unique needs and budget. We’ll assess your irrigation system or help you design and install an irrigation system that gives you the best results. Turn to the team at W.P. Law, Inc. to get expert advice about irrigation system pumps.

Want a Lawn That’s the Envy of the Neighborhood? It’s Not Too Late – Try These 3 Tips on How to Make It Happen

lawn that's the envy of the neighborhood

If you are trying to stop weeds from growing to achieve a lush, green lawn, the best lawn care tips can help you achieve your goals. No homeowner wants their yard to be the eyesore of the neighborhood. With these expert tips, you can stop the constant lawn care headaches and enjoy a gorgeous lawn that brings you pride.

Tip #1: Mow Correctly at the Right Time

Lawn care professionals know that mowing correctly at the right time is one of the most crucial tasks to promote a thriving lawn. For best results, mow often enough, so you only remove 1/3 of the length of the grass blades. Always ensure the grass is dry before cutting and vary your mowing direction and patterns to prevent lawn ruts.

Tip #2: Use Proper Watering Techniques

A speedy watering every day may seem like a good idea, but it isn’t the best practice for your lawn. Experts recommend a deep, long watering on a less frequent basis. Doing this strengthens the grass and gives it sustenance to survive droughts or times with less rainfall. Use a sprinkler to water until the soil is sticky—not overly saturated. Keep in mind that your lawn will typically require less watering during the spring and late-fall than during the summer months.

Tip #3: Use Pre-Emergent Herbicide

During the spring, and again in the fall, apply a high-quality pre-emergent herbicide. Doing this will prevent spring and winter weeds from infiltrating your lawn. Herbicides are most effective when you apply them during weed and crabgrass germination when the soil is around 58 degrees. Use a soil thermometer to know when the time is right to perform the application.

Need more lawn care tips to stop weeds from growing and promote your most attractive lawn? Contact W.P. Law, Inc. for customized recommendations and fertilizer programs to meet the needs of your property.

Enhance Your Home Security with Outdoor Lighting. Here’s How…

outdoor lighting for home security

Landscape lighting is an effective way to increase safety and security on your property. The best outdoor lighting will achieve two main objectives: enhanced safety and security. Accent and hardscape lighting fixtures can light up steps and entry ways as well as areas of transition on walking surfaces. With optimal landscape lighting for the home, you can have peace of mind while adding beauty to your property’s exterior.

Top 3 Home Security Lighting Options

You have several different options when it comes to security lighting for a home. The right choice for your property will depend on several factors, including existing lighting in the neighborhood, home design, and security needs.

Here are some of the best options for illuminating your home for safety purposes:

  • Photocells: By using a photocell in conjunction with your lighting transformer, your landscape lighting can come on at dusk and turn off at dawn.
  • Motion-Activated Lights: Lighting comes on when something or someone triggers a built-in motion sensor.
  • Combination Lights: Lower intensity lighting shines continually during the night, and a motion sensor provides brighter light when someone or something is near your property.

Find the Best Home Security Lighting to Meet Your Needs

At W.P. Law, Inc. you will find outdoor lighting experts who can help you identify your needs and budget to achieve your home’s security lighting goals. We take the time to assess your property and offer professional suggestions to boost home security and property aesthetics. Connect with the friendly team at W.P. Law, Inc. to achieve optimized home security lighting.

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