Best irrigation systems for irregularly shaped fields

agricultural irrigation systems

In most cases, the most popular overhead irrigation system is the center pivot system. This consists of a pivot, often serviced by a well in the middle of the field, with several sprinklers rotating from it. Ideal for covering large evenly dimensioned fields. However, they are not perfect for small or irregular fields. Luckily, there are other options:

The Traveler (Traveling Gun)

Traveling gun sprinkler systems typically feature a large “big gun” sprinkler on a movable cart. Water is supplied to the cart by a HDPE hose. As water is pumped through the hose to the sprinkler the hose is wound around a large hose reel. As the hose winds around the reel it moves the cart across the field. Travelers are ideal for irregularly shaped fields and areas that only need intermittent irrigation. Traveling guns can also be moved from field to field as irrigation needs change throughout the growing season.

Drip & Micro Irrigation Systems

Drip and micro irrigation systems irrigation can be an extremely effective way to water an odd shaped field. Pressure compensating emitters allow for varying row lengths and slight elevation changes. Drip irrigation systems allow for water to be placed near the root zone greatly lowering losses to evaporation and improving system efficiency.

Ultimately, the right choice depends on the shape of your field, the type of crops you are growing, your access to labor and several other factors. Want to learn more about which irrigation strategy is best for your needs? Contact W.P. Law today to chat with one of our company’s specialists.

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