Beware of these 3 things that can cause failure in your piping system

irrigation piping system and root

If you use an underground irrigation system for your lawn, garden, farm or nursery, you know how invaluable such a system can be in getting the right amount of water to the plants at just the right times. However, like any mechanical system, irrigation systems are occasionally subject to break-downs and pipes getting broken or clogged. The good news is that you can help prevent such problems if you know the things to look out for.

Things To Watch Out For With Your Irrigation System

  1. Tree roots. If one of more of your irrigation heads is not functioning well or at all, it likely is being hampered or crushed by growing tree roots. This is a particular problem during the spring growing season as tree roots seek the largest source of water. You can help prevent this from happening by not locating your sprinkler heads between large trees and water mains.
  2. Poor installation. Another common reason for pipe failure is that the system was not installed correctly. While you can save some money by installing the system yourself, this may not save you money in the long run.
  3. Too much water pressure. Too much water pressure can cause valves and sprinkler heads to wear out faster than normal. It’s important to set the water pressure at the correct pounds per square inch (psi) as recommended by the manufacturer.

Don’t wait for your irrigation system to fail. Watch out for tree roots, make sure that your system is property installed and that the water pressure is set correctly. To learn more about keeping your irrigation and sprinkler systems running smoothly all season, contact W.P. Law, Inc. today. We’ve built our company on finding economical solutions to our customer’s problems.

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