Can my water feature get damaged during the winter?

Water Feature

Without the proper preparation outdoor water features can become damaged during below freezing winter temperatures. To avoid damaging your water feature, you must remove all water from the pipes and actual water feature. It is also recommended that you move your water feature indoors to reduce freezing temperature wear and tear.

Water Feature Winterization Tips

Whenever it is easily possible, you should put your outdoor fountain in a garage, shed, or other indoor space. If, however, you can’t place your water feature indoors, then you should use the following simple tactics to winterize your water feature or fountain. By being proactive, you can keep your fountain safe throughout the entire winter.

  • Before the temperatures drop below freezing you should drain all of the water from your fountain or water feature. If water is left in the water feature then it could freeze during the winter, which could cause extensive damage to your water feature.
  • Remove the pump and store it indoors. Be sure to clean the pump and remove any debris, algae, and dirt.
  • If you can’t place your fountain indoors, then you should make sure to cover it with a tarp or other protective, waterproof covering. The protective covering will keep moisture out of your fountain, while also protecting it from snow, sleet, ice, and other winter weather.
  • Water feature openings, including pipe connections, should be insulated to provide further protection against the harsh winter elements. Insulating foam and tape can and should be used to protect the openings from collecting debris or moisture over the winter.

By following these simple steps you can safely winterize your water features, so that they last for many years! To learn more about winterizing your water features, be sure to contact the experts at W.P. Law Inc. Since 1970, W.P. Law has been helping homeowners and businesses transform their outdoor spaces beautifully decorated areas throughout all four seasons.

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