Can We Really Trust Sewage Pump Stations?

Sewage pump stations have a lot of elements involved – here’s some insight on how reliable they are.

Can We Really Trust Sewage Pump Stations?

The first thing that must be considered is the structural integrity of the sewage pump station. When was it built? Who built it? What type of materials were used in the construction process?

These are some extremely important questions that can point to the durability and dependability of the structure. There should be regular examinations to test the structural integrity of the plant.

The quality of the sewage pump station equipment being used must also be considered. Many times cost is over-considered in lieu of quality and longevity. When this happens the rate of failure and compromise increases drastically. Regular and adequate maintenance can be considered a part of this particular issue. Often, oversight in maintenance accelerates the deterioration of the equipment, which will ultimately lead to the failure of that equipment and the compromise of the sewage infrastructure in general.

One of the most important things that must be considered in this discussion is human involvement and human error. How competent are the people responsible for operating the pumping station? This question applies to the engineers who determine the capacity of the station on to the operators that are responsible for managing and operating the site. The experience of those operating the station plays a major role in how effective and safe that station is.

So in answering the question of whether or not we can trust sewage pump stations, the answer is simply that it depends on the variables listed and the competence of the personnel involved. Each situation will be different, so it is up to us to learn as much about the stations near us in order to be aware and prepared.

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