Caring for Residential Fountains

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4 Maintenance tips for residential fountains

Residential fountains add a special touch to your landscape. They add value and elegance to your property. Proper maintenance should be done regularly on your fountain to keep it working well and maintain its beauty.
Here are four maintenance tips for caring for residential fountains:

1. Keep the water feature clean of debris:
Leaves, sticks, trash, and other debris can cause damage to your water feature. You should regularly clean out the feature, removing any debris. Make sure you check the pump for debris, as well.

2. Clean the pump:
You need to keep the pump clear of debris and dirt. Regularly wipe down the pump with a rag to remove dirt, and any algae build-up. Periodically, turn the pump off and remove it to clean the inside.

3. Maintain the water level:
Make sure the water level is right at all times. Water evaporates, especially in the hot months. The water should be high enough to submerge the pump.

4. Clean the fountain:
You should remove the majority of the water monthly and clean the fountain. Use a non-abrasive cleaner recommended by the manufacturer.

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