Choosing the Proper Pipe Support System in a Corrosive Environment

So, you’ve sized your pipe, and chosen the material to meet your chemical and temperature needs.  Have you considered if an acidic atmosphere in the area might corrode the piping support system?


Installation of Aickinstrut  non-metallic channel and hangers should be considered for environments where Unistrut metallic strut systems may not be compatible. Some of the applications for consideration include chemical plants, wastewater treatment plants, aquariums, theme parks, desalination plants, underground vaults and other corrosive environments.

Aickinstrut non-metallic channel is offered in extruded PVC for an excellent chemical resistance product.  Also available is pultruded polyester and vinylester that contains multiple strands of glass filament to create a product of strength with chemical and temperature resistance.


Materials should be chosen to meet or exceed temperature and chemical resistance.  As a general guideline, extruded PVC channel has a temperature rating -25F to 130F.  Pultruded polyester and vinylester channel have a temperature rating -35F to 200F. As chemicals vary, chemical resistance charts  need to be consulted for the proper material for your specific application.


You may contact your local W.P. Law representative for more information on choosing the proper pipe support system.

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