Common Repairs for Backyard Water Features

fixing water features

How to repair damaged water features

Water features are a wonderful addition to any home, or office building. Unfortunately, repairs are sometimes necessary to maintain the beauty and value that water features add.
Here are two common repairs for backyard water features:

• Cracks:
Cracks and leaks are a common problem with water features that need repair immediately. If the pond houses fish, or other wildlife, remove them before making repairs. To repair a crack in your fountain, lower the water level below where the crack is. You’ll need to chisel away any loose debris around the crack. Wipe the area, removing any dust or debris. Next, you’ll need to apply a bonding liquid to the area. Apply mixed concrete to the area, and allow it plenty of time to dry. Reseal the area using the appropriate sealer, once dry you can repaint if necessary.

• Broken pump:
If your pump has stopped working, you should first troubleshoot to see what the problem is. It may sound silly, but you should first check the power source. If there is power to the pump, then check to make sure the water level is covering the pump, and that the water is turned on. Next, check for debris that could be clogging the pump. If these steps haven’t fixed the problem, you may need a new pump.

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